ETW #11 Travel to Queensland, Australia | Interview with Caz Makepeace

Whitsundays - Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia is one of the most popular Australian states for tourists, and with good reason. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Tropical North and even Outback, Queensland truly is Australia in a nutshell. In this episode Australian travel blogger Can Makepeace shares her tips for navigating this fascinating part of Australia.

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A few years ago I had the great privilege of visiting Queensland in Australia. I use the word privilege, because truly that’s what visiting this stunning part of the world is. For many of us, the state encapsulates almost everything that we perceive Australia to be. Gregarious and affable people, gorgeous tropical beaches, vast rainforests with strange flora and fauna and even the dusty Outback. From the wet tropical north, to the farms further south, Queensland is a great example of Australia in miniature.

Queensland is a special place and my time there was amongst the best I have ever enjoyed. I hope to return on day, but even if I don’t I have some amazing memories that aren’t just nice, but which I know will stay with me as important life experiences until the end of my days.

To help us better navigate Queensland, this week on the podcast we are joined by Australian travel blogger, Caroline Makepeace.

Caroline and Craig Makepeace are the founders of y Travel Blog, one of the world’s most influential family travel blog. Their travel tips help others to unplug from the chaos, travel more and create better memories. They were recently granted a green card for their extraordinary ability in the Art of Travel Blogging and are currently road tripping across the US with their two daughters. You can follow their adventures on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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