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By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

60 thoughts on “Welcome to LandLopers!”

  1. About to travel again after 25 years ‘at home’ so your blog will be very interesting and informative.

  2. Glad to have found your site. I hope to learn lots more about travel. I have been to about 20 countries so far but have many more to enjoy and, with your newsletters, may find some more gems! We are off to New Zealand and the South Pacific in 3 weeks and can’t wait!!!

  3. Hii Matt, why you not including Indonesia to your destination? Indonesia have a great spot, Borneo, Bali, Papua.

  4. Matt. TRaveling to Italy the summer of 2014 with my 70 year old parents. We have never been to this beautiful country of our heritage. Looking forward to reading your advice on traveling here.

  5. My son and I are going to pick-up my Volvo at Gothenburg, Sweden February 2014, under the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program. Your blog on West Sweden is very much appreciated. It’s given us an idea on what to do once we get there. Volvo is offering one night of complimentary hotel, after which we are on our own. Where did you stay while you were in West Sweden?
    Will it be possible to drive to Switzerland and Italy for the 12 days of our itinerary. We also need to go back to Gothenburg to drop off the Volvo for delivery a day before we fly back to U.S.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Matt – I have just “stumbled” across your site and LOVE it!!! Travelling has always been high on my agenda of life and although I have travelled a fair bit , just reading a bit of your blog I wonder now whether my travelling has really harnessed what it is all about. I have been fortunate to have been to Beijing,the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Chichen Itza,Montezumas Castle, Petra, Cairo, Abu Simbel, Delos, Athens and just a few more, but I read your blog and your penchant for places is brilliant. Your facts and descriptions make me salivate as to what I am missing. I am going to run a fine tooth comb through your site and pick out where I must add on to my already huge list. Now at 60 my travelling years are going to slow a little I feel, but already I am planning two trips for next year, Paris for 2 weeks and South America for 4 weeks… now to get the most out of those timeframes… thanks for all your efforts.. they will be rewarding to me at least!! In Australlia we are so far away and travel is restricted by time unfortunately – losing at least 3 – 4 days of travel just to get somewhere!

  7. Hi Matt,

    Also stumbled onto you site by chance. I dream about travelling but haven’t done that much. Love your articles and photos – makes me feel as if I am there! Can’t wait to see and read more.

    Greetings from South Africa!

  8. Hi Matt,,

    I found your site while I was looking for travel ideas to Iceland. My trip is booked and I found your tips helpful and plan on taking advantage of it all. Leaving next week, so can’t wait to see those Northern Lights.

  9. Just stumbled upon your site and read of the many places you’ve gone to. We’ll be going to singapore n malaysia april 2014 hope you can help us how to get around the place.thanks a lot!

  10. Hi Matt!
    We are traveling to Iceland the first week of June this year. Any ideas you suggest of what not to miss and where to eat??
    Thanks for your suggestions!

  11. Hi Matt, There is a town 40 minutes away from Guadalajara , Mexico named Ajijic. It’s an artists paradise overlooking Lake Chapala (Mexico’s largest body of water,) If you haven’t been there, it’s a must see, especially for it’s most interesting history, which one is able to read about by simply googling “Ajijic, Mexico.

  12. Hi Matt,
    I stumbled across your blog while googling Iceland. Do you suggest visiting in February or March? We want to see the Northern Lights, but realize that we aren’t guaranteed to see them at all, but figured you may know. Iceland Air has a package right now that is very inexpensive. We would fly out of Boston to Reykjavik.


  13. Grace D. Estrada

    hi Matt,
    i always been interested to travel around the world but due to financially reason its obviously impossible…good thing ur here,very generous to write about the places youve been..wish u safe while travelling!!!!

  14. Hi Matt, I just discovered your blog while doing research for my first overseas trip ever – Iceland! As a newbie traveler of advancing age, AND also a fellow picky eater, I was delighted to read your posts about Iceland… thanks for sharing your adventures, and here’s hoping I’ll be able to find something to eat when I visit there in late September. (I hope they have potatoes, lol…)

  15. retired at 57 – time for a long delayed gap year – want to drive from New Orleans across the state to Missoulla Montana and spend some time in Montana – then head up to Alaska – my dad opened a lot of the roads around Dawson in the fifties – so plan follow his foot steps – loving site!.

  16. Hi, Thanks for share your adventures. I´ll be waiting for the e-book for enjoy it. Regards from Argentina, sorry for my english. I´m working in become a big travel blogger like you. Thanks for the inspiration

  17. Great site, Matt! What a great resource (and cause of many lovely daydreams). You’ve inspired me to visit Malta this year – it’s somewhere I’ve always thought about going but haven’t heard much about until I saw your posts about your trip there. Any additional tips you can provide would be fantastic!

  18. Hi Matt – Great name, BTW! Just joined the newsletter in addition to following u on Twitter. Let me know when you plan to visit and blog about Vermont!

  19. just starting to plan an african safari… your info is invaluable. I love your writing style, keeps me laughing. keep it up.

  20. Hello Matt… I have found by hasard your page when I was looking for the french frigate “L’Hermione” news… I am searching to improve my english and to learn about americans (people and culture)…
    I’ve been once in USA in 2003, in colorado (wonderful rocky mountains and area), few months after the french decision to not follow… you know what I mean… I haven’t been welcome because of “préjugés” but after having been able to speak and present my arguments, people have suprised me in a good way… and my week of vacation has passed greatly… :)
    Bon vent à ton site…

  21. How about information on Chicago. Going in August this year with my daughter and would love your advice on where to see wonderful sights. Thanks

    1. Go to your local AAA office or email me…we specialize in great travel adventures around the U.S….most AAA members don’t realize they have access to a full service travel agency in most local offices.

  22. Matt,
    some months ago we purchased Lufthansa Premium Economy tickets to Frankfurt. We travel in Aug. I was searching for ratings on said seating and read yours. It seemed very objective and was glad to have read it. Wish I had seen your review sooner; probably would not have purchased them. But, at least the seating seems larger.
    Thanks for your info

  23. Matt your website is excellent. It will help me when I visit Hawaii from 22nd to 30th June

  24. I, too, stumbled over your website and have a question. We are planning to tour Croatia…a chartered small boat cruise (inexpensive) for 7 days. Were thinking of going to Venice first and then going to Croatia to start the cruise, but that is too cumbersome. What other country can we include with the trip to Croatia to see independently.
    Thank you.

  25. Hello!
    Im heading to Iceland next month…came across your blog in a google search – thanks for your thoughts and expertise. Iceland is a dream trip for me and I cannot wait to try except for the food. Puffins are too cute to eat.

  26. HI there – my husband and I will be travelling from New Zealand to Frankfurt and want to go Premium Economy because it will take about 30 hours to get there..!! I read your PE with Lufthansa experience and was a bit concerned. Is there another airline that provides a better PE ride?

  27. Thank you so much for the beautiful e-book – your photos are incredible. You made the right choice – what wonderful photos (and a huge happiness quotient) which wouldn’t have happened if it had not been for that phone call. Life travels in unusual ways sometimes. Brilliant blog – I am looking forward to new posts.

  28. Matt,
    I read your article on BBC this morning and it is very inspiring. I’m in a similar situation, yet a few months behind the hard decision of moving on completely. I’ve resigned from my CEO position to spend more time on my photography business. I’m working three days per week in a normal job and spend the rest of my time traveling and taking images. I’m looking forward to see what I can learn from your experience as it is eerily similar to mine.
    Thanks for sharing,
    David T. Culp

  29. Greetings from CA Matt. Thank you for paying forward the insights you embraced after receiving your life changing call (BBC Travel) Your uplifting personal story offers readers hope and reassurance. To those of us who are “passionado’s,” balancing livelihood with global exploration and quality of life, you aptly captured the essence of what seems to be my now-ness. Change, the opportunities change presents and the challenges one must overcome within, are probably a normal growth spurt in most situations, but remain unnerving and quite baffling. For me, global travel and planting non-profit medical clinics is the vision that is eternally alive in me. I found your breadcrumbs on the trail today and for that I am grateful

  30. I’m so excited to find your website and blog! I’m a single mom and I’ve decided – instead of bemoaning my son’s summer visits with his father, I’m going to use it as an opportunity to gain new experiences. 2015 offered me Prague, Budapest & Poland. Problem is, it leaves me traveling alone. Any destination suggestions for solo-travelers?

  31. My wife and I are getting ready to retire, we are studying places to visit your info will be greatly read. Our one question is safety in some of these other countries, even mexico where we been to several times. we just spent 2 weeks in germany about 3 years ago it was great will go back there. The middle east seems full of history but how safe is it ? We will probably use your info for 4-5 trips after retirement officially in 3 yrs.

  32. Yolanda Ramirez

    Hi Matt,
    I read your post on Finland and loved the idea of “Food tour”. My daughter and I will be going to Copenhaggen and Stockholm as well this summer. Do you know if you can find food tours there as well? I’m definitely planning to go to the one in Helsinki. Thanks.

  33. Hey Matt
    Stumbled on your site when I typed in top 30 travel blogs Really enjoy your passion on travel and agree with a lot of your points on patience look forward to following you.

  34. Hi Matt, I really enjoy your great blog site. I found it today while doing internet research on starting my own travel/photography blog. I also recently had a life changing moment that has inspired me to revaluate my happiness and unfulfilled dreams in life.
    I had a near fatal stroke almost three years ago that left me partially paralyzed and was subsequently laid off last year from my desk job that I went to college for but was no longer able to do. While recovery physically and mentally from my stroke, I started to realize that my two favorite passions in life, travel and photography, was personally more important to pursue than returning to another unfulfilling desk job. I also just returned last week from an amazing trip to Puerto Rico that refuelled my desire to begin a travel/photography blog
    Today, after finding your website and reading your blog introduction, I’m inspired even further. Thank you.

  35. Melissa Raymond

    Hello Matt, Have you been on an African safari? I’ve always wanted to go. Yours, Melissa

  36. Hi Matt, ive just read your blog on Croatian food – sounds amazing! I look forward to receiving your blogs for inspiration on our next trips! I always go for the food!! Lol

  37. Gabrielle Sarmiento

    Dear Matt,
    I am one of your tweeter followers and just saw your tweet about Thailand, my husband and I are looking to make a trip could you recommend places to stay and things of must see? Any info is greatly appreciated.
    Very Best and safe travels always.

  38. Mary-Anne Durkee Patterson

    Great to meet another lover of travel! I have traveled all states plus 87 countries including many times to. Thailand, China, France, Italy, etc. my passion is to learn of cultures via the cuisine. I always read of the history before visiting a country. Travel is the best education! My kids and grands all love to travel!!!

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