My 6 Favorite Breakfast Experiences Around the World

Without hesitation, not only is my favorite meal of the day breakfast, but it’s also my favorite style of food. Maybe it’s because breakfast is the only meal that satisfies my incredible sweet tooth, along with delivering savory delights. At heart, I’m a lot like Leslie Knope in my love of waffles, eggs and bacon and it’s a foodie side of travel that I always look forward to enjoying. Breakfast is very different around the world however, and some destinations even go to great lengths to offer incredible breakfast experiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the first meal of the day in some fairly incredible places, but these breakfast food moments are by far my most favorite.

Serengeti Tanzania Africa


There’s nothing like a safari experience in Tanzania. From the Ngorongoro Crater to the country’s many national parks, but one experience was just a little more memorable than others. Rising silently above the Serengeti on a dawn hot air balloon safari experience is a moment in my life I know that I’ll never forget. Following herds on the Great Migration, floating just above the heads of cranky hippos and even spotting a lioness enjoying a recently caught snack, seeing the mighty Serengeti from the air was unlike anything else I’ve ever done. Just as incredible was the breakfast following the game drive. Driving us over to a “dining room” set up under a massive tree in the middle of the bush, the staff treated us to a white linen breakfast with all the trimmings, it all seemed a little surreal to be enjoying a delicious breakfast in the middle of nowhere. It was an extra touch of luxury to what had already been an incredible morning.

Wadi Rum

Walking on Mars – that’s what Wadi Rum is like. Everything is red and in the horizon erupt small hills and mountains. Jagged cliffs and bizarre formations that look as if they were pulled from the mind of Tim Burton instead of a real place on Earth are commonplace. To properly enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage protected desert though, an overnight stay in a luxury tented camp is absolutely essential. Tucked away in a small canyon, the camp location was chosen specifically for its remoteness; a quiet and protected getaway. At night the camp erupted in music and dancing and was capped off with a delicious meal, a feast enjoyed by everyone. It was the morning though that impressed me the most. I got up a little early, quickly grabbed a coffee and walked out of the canyon to watch the sunrise. It was a special moment, a quiet and introspective one and while my breakfast was no more than a jolt of caffeine, it was more than enough to make this a truly memorable experience.

Bora Bora Tahiti

Bora Bora

I love to travel and almost always have a great experience wherever I end up. Sometimes though all of the stars align and a perfect moment is created, such as what occurred for an entire day when I stayed at the luxury resort Le Meridien Bora Bora. I’d dreamt of visiting the South Pacific for decades and the entire week spent sailing around the islands was as amazing as I had hoped it would be. But at Le Meridien I experienced relaxation and contentment the likes of which I never knew possible for me. As a Type-A person, I don’t particularly like to relax. I enjoy being busy, but while on Bora Bora I decided to go with the flow and the results were amazing. One of my favorite moments was enjoying a quiet breakfast in my bungalow, the vibrant colors of the fruit the perfect accompaniment to the bright blue waters. I still remember the feeling vividly, watching the sunrise and pinching myself repeatedly that I was actually there. Nothing was wrong in the world and I was honestly as happy as I’ve ever been while traveling.


There is no better hotel when visiting the Taj Mahal than the spectacular Oberoi Amarvillas. Located a mere 600 meters from the World Wonder, it’s as close as you can get, a sensation that starts as soon as you check in. The hotel is designed to capture the beauty of the Taj Mahal in every possible way, and it is very much the focal point of any visit. For something extra special though, I enjoyed a very unique breakfast featuring those stunning views. I got up before daybreak so I could experience the famous mausoleum at sunrise, an experience I know that I’ll never forget. Just as memorable though was the private breakfast waiting for me in one of the hotel’s spacious suites upon my return. With champagne already chilled and a made to order breakfast, it was the perfect way to finish my Taj Mahal experience in style.

Queensland Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Spending almost a month in Queensland, I was fortunate enough to experience many so-called once in a lifetime moments. One of my favorite experiences is what drew me to this beautiful part of Australia in the first place though; the opportunity to not just see the Great Barrier Reef, but to spend the night alongside it in what is one of the most unique sleeping experiences in the world – the Reefsleep. Every moment onboard the permanently moored pontoon in the middle of the ocean was memorable, but there was nothing quite like waking up to a perfect sunrise and breakfast alongside the Great Barrier Reef. Sipping my coffee as I gazed for the thousandth time across the sea I realized why I had added this experience to my bucket list. There’s absolutely nothing else like it in the world; it’s an experience as unique as trekking to Antarctica or seeing the pyramids and is just as special.

Ireland Irish breakfast


My favorite meal is breakfast and there are few things I enjoy more than morning time meals either in the UK or in Ireland. The traditional full Irish Breakfast is naturally a little different from its British cousin though, and throughout the course of many trips to Ireland it’s a meal with which I have become very well acquainted. This large and hearty style of breakfast has very rustic roots, originally meant to fortify laborers for a long day of work. Although most of us aren’t farmers today, we still enjoy the large and complete meal that only a traditional Irish Breakfast can provide. While I did notice some variations on it and definitely heard some varying opinions, at its heart the breakfast should include: eggs, beans, meats like bacon or sausages, white and black puddings, potatoes, vegetables (usually tomatoes), mushrooms and Irish soda or brown bread. These are the core ingredients but other items may be added or omitted based on your family or where you live. Regardless, it’s delicious and definitely filling, usually allowing me to skip lunch entirely.

What are some of your favorite breakfast experiences?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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  1. I love a good Irish breakfast, but for me, a big hot steaming bowl of pho, preferably on the side of the street in Hanoi is the way to start the day. Wash it down with a nice Vietnamese iced coffee and I am good to go.

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