My Next Trip: A Favorite Destination with a Trusted Friend

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure to work with Monograms, a company that I have at times had some difficulty in categorizing. They’re not a tour company, not really, but they’re not just an online travel agency either. They’re an interesting hybrid of styles and technologies, and my week spent with them exploring Colombia also taught me that they’re the ideal choice for even the most independent of travelers. Well, I’m happy to say that I am once again working with them, this time to highlight a travel destination that appeals to most of us, Italy. I’ll be joined by some other travel bloggers and photographers, each with a different itinerary and different options for exploring not just Italy, but all of Europe. I’m excited to once again travel with Monograms because they really do offer an amazing, and unique, way to see the world.

Cartagena Colombia

What is Monograms?

Good question and it actually took me longer than I’d care to admit to fully understand what they do exactly as a company. It wasn’t until I traveled with them that I finally “got it.” First of all, Monograms is not a travel tour operator. Not really. They call themselves an “un-tour” but first I think it’s important to define what a tour company is in the first place. While it varies, a tour operator creates package trips with everything you’ll need on your travels. This can include flights, but not always, but always does include hotels, tour guides, activities and many meals. They’re one-stop shopping, they ARE your trip. Monograms doesn’t do that. Instead, I really see them as a different kind of resource for the independent traveler.

Essentially, Monograms offers packages all around the world that share common characteristics. They include:

  • Specially selected hotels based on service and location
  • Transportation to and from the airport as well as transportation throughout the trip
  • Limited sightseeing. Usually a half a day or so of sightseeing is included with a local guide, but most of the time is independent and left up to the individual
  • Local Host. This is what separates Monograms from everyone else and is an on-site local who is there to help with anything you might need. From knowing where the cleaners are to finding the best spot for dinner, they’re the fix-it people that are priceless to have on a trip.

Even reading through and understanding these bullet points though didn’t help me all that much. No, it wasn’t until I actually traveled with them that I finally understood the incredible benefits they bring to the travel experience.

pizza italy

What I’ll Be Doing

Colombia was a different style of destination for Monograms; due to the nature of the country it wasn’t as independent as their normal trips can be. That’s why I’m excited to visit Italy with them, for the chance to really see what they’re all about and of course explore some new places in the process. I haven’t been back to southern Italy in a very, very long time and while I’ve seen some of Rome’s most famous sights, I’m also eager to revisit them. But I’ll be doing much more than that; in my considerable independent time (days really) I’ve organized some fun excursions and opportunities to get to know the city even better. After a few days in Rome, I’m then off to the Amalfi Coast, calling Sorrento home as I re-explore the region. There’s a lot on my to-do list and I’m eager to see how much I can accomplish with the help of my own two-feet and the expert knowledge of the Monograms Local Host.

Follow Along!

The next week and a half will be active, fun and exciting and I hope you’ll follow along as I explore Rome and the Amalfi Coast in greater depth. As usual, I’ll be posting on my normal platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but please also be sure to follow the #MonogramsInsider hashtag to see what the whole team is up to across Europe, from London to Capri. If you have any questions or recommendations I’d love to hear them – ciao!


This trip is a project managed by iambassador in partnership with Monograms Travel and other sponsors. LandLopers maintains full editorial control of the content published on this site.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

4 thoughts on “My Next Trip: A Favorite Destination with a Trusted Friend”

  1. If you’re looking for some off-the-beaten-path stuff to visit in Rome, I would suggest the Non-Catholic Cemetery near the Pyramid of Cestius. Great place to take pictures ❤

  2. Your trip to the Amalfi Coast has looked so fun. And I know how much fun we got up to in Rome. What a great find since I’d not heard of Monograms before!

    As you know, I went to Venice. I always think that’s a hard city for people to arrive to. So many don’t even realize that Venice is entirely car free. A map is mostly useless and it can be a really intimidating place to try and figure out. Monograms had 33 guests total in Venice while I traveled with them and they have 5 Local Hosts there. The Local Hosts were so great with making sure the guests could find their way and even helping one guest who forgot his backpack on the train and had it stolen in just the few minutes before he realized he’d left it. I know that would have been a far more stressful situation without the Local Host to help him get the police report filed and check back with the lost and found.

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