42 Things I Love About Finland


  1. Trying a real Finnish sauna experience for the first time.
  2. Mailing a postcard from the official Santa Claus Post Office.
  3. Getting used to bundling up in 5 layers of clothes during the chilly winter months.
  4. Taking a ferry ride anywhere, either a short 15-minute trek or an overnight journey.
  5. Eating lunch at the Old Market Hall in Helsinki.
  6. Planning to visit in the summer when temperatures don’t have a minus sign in front of them.Finnair A350
  7. Flying in the luxurious Finnair Business Class to Helsinki.
  8. Sampling the many sweets and pastries that the Finns seem to love so much.
  9. Discovering that there really is nothing better than being alone with your thoughts in the vast forests of Finland.
  10. Being thankful that you can always find the national pastry of Finland, the Korvapuusti, anywhere you go.
  11. Learning a few words of Finnish, albeit with horrible pronunciation.
  12. Touring Helsinki’s historic district, including the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral.
  13. Spending a day at the UNESCO Fortress of Suomenlinna site near Helsinki.
  14. Flying around Finland with ease thanks to the Finnair network.Helsinki Finland
  15. Trekking out to see the unusual Sibelius Monument.
  16. Snowmobiling through frozen bogs and woods.
  17. Learning how to effectively stomp your boots when entering a house to get all of the snow off.
  18. How easy it is to visit other destinations like Sweden and Estonia.
  19. Learning more about the country’s history at the National Museum of Finland.
  20. Hopefully seeing the Northern Lights.
  21. In the summer, making sure to spend some time on one of the country’s many lakes.Ranua Lapland Finland
  22. Eating and enjoying more reindeer meat than I ever thought possible.
  23. Wandering through some of Helsinki’s less visited districts, like the fashion and design neighborhoods.
  24. Pampering myself at the new luxury design hotel, the Lilla Roberts.
  25. Learning to love the quirky northern city of Rovaniemi.
  26. Quickly learning that one visit is not enough to really experience this amazing country.
  27. Getting lost in the works at the Ateneum Art Museum.Santa Claus Rovaniemi Lapland Finland
  28. Meeting Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.
  29. Discovering some of the country’s trendy new restaurants, inspired by traditional cuisine.
  30. Going on a Helsinki Food Tour with Happy Guide Helsinki.
  31. Attempting to like what is decidedly an acquired taste, the much beloved salmiakki licorice.
  32. Getting even more off the beaten path by heading far north into the heart of Finnish Lapland.
  33. Walking along Esplanadi Park on a nice day in Helsinki.
  34. The Finnish love of coffee.
  35. Visiting the fascinating Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi.Helsinki Finland
  36. Getting used to the sharp Finnish sense of humor and irony.
  37. Experiencing Finland’s greatest treasure, its nature, at the Finnish Nature Center Haltia in Espoo.
  38. Taking a trip to Tallinn in Estonia for the day or weekend.
  39. Admiring the art deco design of Helsinki’s main railway station.
  40. Going on a dog sled tour through the snowy woods.
  41. Eating as much Fazer chocolate as I can handle.
  42. Taking a last minute sauna at the Finnair lounge in the Helsinki airport.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

2 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About Finland”

  1. Wow, Matt! I’ve been trying to think of a place to go visit between Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year (I know, so far away, but I’m a planner!). I’ve been thinking about Copenhagen or Stockholm, but now you’ve got me thinking Helsinki!

  2. Nice post. You have some really nice photos – makes me want to plan a trip there. Always wanted to do some dog sledging…

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