42 Things I Love About Norway

Oslo Norway

  1. Wondering what the statues of the Vigeland installation in Frogner Park in Oslo really mean
  2. Learning about the odd importance of hot dogs in everyday food life
  3. Traipsing through the woods around Alta in snowshoes, searching for the elusive moose
  4. Spending the night at the Husky Hotel
  5. Learning that Oslo is compact and very easy to get around
  6. Dog sledding through the wilds of Northern Norway
  7. Walking through the odd but interesting Norwegian Museum of Cultural HistoryAlta Norway
  8. Eating an amazing lunch at one of Oslo’s food halls
  9. Discovering that the icy path you found in Northern Norway is actually a frozen river
  10. Enjoying the beautiful solitude and the slow pace of life in Northern Norway
  11. Learning about the amazing arctic explorers at the Fram Musuem
  12. Looking out across the perfectly still waters of the northern fjords and finding inner calm
  13. Seeing the dancing Northern Lights for the first time
  14. NOT converting the prices into your home currency. Trust me on this.
  15. Climbing to the top of Oslo’s gorgeous opera houseOslo Opera House Norway
  16. Experiencing the luxury travel side of Oslo
  17. Learning about the ancient petroglyphs in the quiet northern town of Alta
  18. Taking the fast and efficient Flytoget Airport Express from the airport to the center of Oslo
  19. Going on a snowy bike ride through the wilds of Norway on a fatbike
  20. Walking through Oslo and getting to know the city through its quirky neighborhoods
  21. Admiring the beauty of the Old Oslo Cathedral
  22. Watching the start of the Finnmarksløpet dogsled race in Alta
  23. Learning more about the fascinating culture of the Sami peopleAlta Norway
  24. Snacking on freshly made Kanelbolle
  25. Eat more reindeer because when else will you eat reindeer?
  26. Walking along Oslo’s beautiful waterfront
  27. Enjoying a delicious fine dining meal at Grilliert Restaurant
  28. Embracing the national obsession with coffee
  29. Taking a boat ride anywhere – it’s an important part of Norwegian culture and history
  30. Ice fishing because why not?
  31. Walking through the quirky Kon-Tiki Museum
  32. Finding the balance between urban pursuits and outdoor adventures that is at the heart of the Norwegian experience
  33. Lunching as the fashionable people do in Oslo at the Grand Café
  34. Spending a night in the chilly but beautiful Sorrisniva Igloo HotelAlta Norway
  35. Getting around Oslo on its fast, efficient and affordable public transportation system
  36. Eating a reindeer gyro for the first time
  37. Spending as much time as possible playing with sled dogs
  38. Reliving Norway’s past and gazing upon the ancient boats at the Viking Ship Museum
  39. Learning more about Norway’s famous artists and writers, like Munch and Ibsen.
  40. More coffee – this is definitely a well caffeinated nation
  41. Visiting Oslo’s City Hall where the Nobel Prize ceremonies take place
  42. Discovering a new addiction to seeing the beautiful Northern Lights

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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  1. Ah, amazing Matt, I’ve wanted to visit Norway but this list makes me want to jump on a plane right now. Tried to see the Northern Lights in Iceland; the igloo hotel is someplace I NEED to stay. Thanks for this great list!

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