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Until last year, my experiences in Germany were oddly limited. One of Europe’s largest countries, and a popular one at that, fate had prevented me from seeing more than a sliver of this beautiful destination. That changed when I visited Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Regensburg, Passau and Nuremberg and will continue to evolve in just a couple of days when I once again visit one of my favorite countries.

I’m working with the German National Tourism Board and will be meandering through some truly beautiful parts of Germany on my way to a conference in Hamburg. The goal of the trip is to learn more about some of the classic traditions that make not only the individual regions, but Germany in general a wonderful place to visit. From making traditional pastries to spending the night in a castle, I’ll have the chance to learn a lot more about Germany through its traditional culture and long history.

Some of the highlights of the trip include:

  • Freiburg – This southwestern city is one of the entry points to Germany’s Black Forest and while I’m there I will learn all about Black Forest culture, its food and wine, travel to the top of the Schlossberg and even learn how to make Black Forest Cake with a local baker.
  • Stuttgart – One of Germany’s largest cities, my time in here will spent learning about its considerable history, sampling the region’s famous delicacies and visiting a few quirky museums.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Known around the world for its well-preserved medieval core, I can’t wait to see what many friends have told me is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Aside from gawking at the architecture, I will also learn how to make the not-as-well-known but delicious sounding Rothenburger Schneeballen (Snowballs), a pastry that sounds like a match made in heaven for me.
  • Castle time – From there it’s on to Sababurg, the so-called Sleeping Beauty Castle, a nearly 700-year old castle with massive grounds just begging for me to explore them. I’ve never stayed in a real castle and I honestly cannot wait to visit.

It’s not a long trip, but it will be a busy (and fun!) journey through some of Germany’s most iconic landscapes and cities, all the while learning more about the traditions that make them so great to explore. I arrive Wednesday, so be sure to follow along on all of the usual social media channels and look out for the #JoinGermanTradition hashtag as I share what I see and do in Germany. Also be sure to follow the @GermanyTourism Instagram account as I take it over for the duration of my stay.

Do you have any tips for me or is there something you want me to find out while I’m in Germany?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

7 thoughts on “Next Stop: Germany!”

  1. In Rothenburg ob der Tauber I highly enjoyed the Night Watchman tour. He has so many great stories about the history of the town and its fun roaming the city at night. Also stop by Zur Höll (To Hell) a medieval tavern operating since 900 AD, its a nice cozy place to have a meal. I’d say skip the Christmas museum and the “museum”in the teddy bear store as both are pretty small.

  2. During my only visit to Stuttgart, I did the walking tour offered by the tourist office. Totally worth it. When the tour guide found out I was American, she asked if I was in Stuttgart for my Porsche or my Mercedes. She wasn’t joking. She said she only saw Americans when they came to pick up cars. I wasn’t there for a car, but I did visit the Mercedes museum. Also worth it.

    I’ve been to Rothenburg ob der Tauber several times. It’s equal parts charming medieval town and insufferable tourist trap. Then again, I keep going back, so maybe the parts aren’t equal. The pastry making sounds promising.

    One of my favorite places in Germany is Baden-Baden. Depending on your route, it may near your path between Freiburg and Stuttgart. I know your trip is short, but enjoy the thermal baths and unwind for a few hours!

  3. Perfect timing! I’m considering to move to Germany in January 2015, but I haven’t decided where, I’ve only been to Berlin for a week so I’ll follow your journey! When are you leaving and for how long are you staying? Thanks!!

  4. How awesome! I loved them snowballs in Rothenburg and am semi jealous that you get to learn to make them. Carry some to STS for me please, I’m looking forward to seeing you there :)

  5. I recommend Frankfurt of course !! It’s not far away from Stuttgart. With summer coming, this city is amazing ! You have to go beyond the business appearance of Frankfurt, it’s a green city and you can find wonderful traditional restaurant (Apfelwein and grüne Soße to absolutely try !). Enjoy Germany, it’s a beautiful country…

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