16 Instagram Travel Photographers You May Not Know But Should Follow

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If you’re like me you love getting lost in great travel imagery, and Instagram provides one of the best ways to do that. Here are some of my favorite Instagram travel accounts that you may not have heard of, but I think everyone should follow. Some are professionals and some aren’t but they all have one thing in common – a fierce love of travel and sharing their experiences with the world. In these beautiful Instagram travel accounts you’ll see everything from descriptive city scenes to landscapes that look like they were plucked out of a fantasy novel.

It was hard to select just a few of the many accounts that I follow and I purposefully decided to avoid featuring Instagram travel accounts that always make these lists. Why? Well, to be honest they don’t need any more attention shone on them, most people already know of their incredible work which I love too. No, today I wanted instead to highlight some OTHER folks doing amazing work.

Naturally, this is just my personal opinion and it’ll probably change over time. But as of today, these are the 16 Instagram travel accounts that I look forward to seeing everyday and am thankful that they have allowed all of us the privilege of being included in their daily lives and global adventures.

No matter what your specific travel preferences might be, I guarantee you’ll discover new and exciting accounts on this list. So go, take a look and let me know what you think! Also, if you know of some great accounts that could use a little more attention, be sure to post their Instagram user name in the comments section below.

Best Instagram Travel Accounts

In NO particular order, honest.


Rob is the brains behind the travel blog and YouTube channel “Stop Having A Boring Life,” and his life is definitely anything but dull. Follow him for fun, quirky and always interesting travel photos from all corners of the globe.

Follow @Bloggeries on Instagram


An early adopter, the Vagabondish has been a leader in the travel blogger community for years and his photos show why. A great hodge podge of experiences, this account never fails to disappoint.

Follow @TheVagabondish on Instagram


Leah is an exceptional professional on her blog and that absolutely translates to her Instagram account. The photos are beautiful but also well thought out, obviously designed to provide all of us with some great shots to drool over.

Follow @LeahTravels on Instagram


If you’re looking for amazing landscapes and jaw dropping shots of natural beauty, then this is the account for you. Just take a look and see what I mean.

Follow @matthiasjbarker on Instagram


I used to think that Caspar was a video guy, and then I saw his Instagram feed. I instantly felt inferior when I look at his amazing photos which aren’t just well composed, but beautiful.

Follow @StoryTravelers on Instagram


Equal parts travel writer and photographer, this account will make you change the way you look at the world. His unique perspective and ability to consistently amaze are why you should follow him.

Follow @Lozula on Instagram


If images of amazing luxury travel experiences are what you’re for then look no further. There are a lot of luxury travelers (including myself) out there, but Mrs. O is one of my favorite accounts to follow.

Follow @MrsOAroundWorld on Instagram


All social media platforms introduce us to folks around the world, but Instagram is especially intimate and I love seeing how people in other countries experience the world, like Instagrammer extraordinaire Angie. Check out her account for artistic and thoughtful images from every corner of the planet.

Follow @ReiseFreunde on Instagram


I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff and I got to see how he does what he does and that only made me appreciate his abilities as a photographer that much more. He’s one of the best out there and his photos are truly works of art.

Follow @PhotoJBartlett on Instagram


Michael is yet another one of a unique breed – excellent writers who are also excellent photographers. Just as he has a way of crafting words, his photos tell stories that are just as impactful.

Follow @MichaelTurtle on Instagram


Ryan is a very unique young man who has been through a lot in life. Those experiences have in turn, however, created a fine artist with a very unique voice and a marvelous eye for the things many of us miss every day. Follow him to see more of the world and expand your mind in the process.

Follow @JustChuckinIt on Instagram


I’ve been a big fan of Beth’s for a long time for a simple reason – she makes me want to visit places I’ve never been. That’s at the core of what great travel storytelling should be and her photos in particular demonstrate a keen ability to transport followers almost anywhere.

Follow @TravelsInTranslation on Instagram


A prolific traveler and writer, Nicole seeks adventure and luxury wherever she goes and she almost always finds it. Her account follows these experiences and I know you’ll love following along as much as I do.

Follow @NicoleTravelBug on Instagram


This San Francisco based photographer has a fierce love of capturing the spirit of America, along with some basset hounds and quirky finds thrown in. He’s another example of a true professional and his photos will make you ache to see more.

Follow @JohnThatcher on Instagram


What I like best about this account is the photographer’s knack of capturing things that may seem familiar, but in very different ways. Plus the subject matter tends to be of places new to me, which is always fun to follow.

Follow @BeyondMyDoor on Instagram


Paul is a social media legend and if you follow him on Twitter (as you should) then his colorful and fun Instagram account is an absolute no-brainer.

Follow @BaldHiker on Instagram

PLUS, – Me, @LandLopers

Ok, I hate it when other bloggers do this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least make a small plug for myself. I’ve been devoting a lot more time to Instagram and I have quickly fallen in love with the platform. So take a peek and let me know what you think!

What are some other great Instagram Travel accounts we should all know about? (feel free to add your own!)

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

37 thoughts on “16 Instagram Travel Photographers You May Not Know But Should Follow”

  1. Thanks so much for including me. Like you, I’ve been really loving the community on Instagram recently and it’s such a great way to share the adventures we’re lucky enough to be on! :)

  2. You are a gnarly guy :) thanks for including me in this collection of phenomenal instagrammers and I’m happy to have some new eye candy to ogle at everyday now!

  3. A great roundup, Matt! And what inspiring accounts indeed. I’m following quite a few of them already, but will check out the rest too! I did notice that you’ve become more active on Instagram recently and I think it’s awesome! Instagram is an amazing platform to tell stories, share pictures and interact with others. I love it! Now I’m more motivated – gotta make it to your list next time

  4. You have named some amazing travel writers/bloggers here, most I know, but a few new ones for me.
    Today I hit 6000K likes on my Instagram feed and am pretty happy with that. I am currently in the #maldives, so if any of your readers want a glimpse of that, come on over! http://instagram.com/pointsandtravel

  5. Thank you for including me in your round-up Matt. :) I’ve been working really hard at developing my Instagram and photography skills lately so it means a lot to be included.

    Other Instagrammers I’ve been liking lately include;
    @TheGoBetweenGoat – she’s a humanitarian and reportage photographer currently based in Afghanistan. Photos are insights into a country that so often is expressed negatively in the Media. A mix of both the land and the people.

    @Alanxelmundo – he’s actually a celebrity in Mexico and a good friend of mine after meeting him in Canada, but Alan’s photos are inspiring snapshots into his life and travels whether it be for work or play.

    @Notwithoutmypassport – I’m a relatively new follower but Helen has a brilliant eye for capturing photography that makes you go wow but also that makes you think.

  6. Ohhh a few I do not follow! Thanks for a few great new accounts to enjoy. I post photos of Croatia, Croatia and a bit ore Croatia. You can find me at instagram.com/chasingthedonkeycroatia

  7. Really good list Matt! I’ve been following most of these cool people for a while now and am addicted! I love traveling with them (and you!) when I’m not traveling myself. Back from Seoul and Shanghai and heading to Hawai’i tomorrow so don’t hesitate to follow me at http://www.instagram.com/thegofever. I love photography and try to post the best ones on IG. Would sure appreciate a growing number of followers!
    Cheers to all who made the list, you deserve it!

  8. Thanks for providing me with even more great travel-filled accounts to follow! I’m already following a few of these folks and plan to follow the others now as well! Our account is 100% travel pics, so feel free to check us out- http://www.instagram.com/forgetsomeday. Just finished posting some pics from our trip to Cinque Terre… so scenic! :)

  9. I’m so glad I saw this because you have several on there that I wasn’t following, and I like what I see of their feeds so far. I agree with Nicole that The Go Between Goat’s photos are worth checking out. I really enjoy Instagram–such fun browsing and sharing photos of all the beauty of our planet.

  10. Thanks so much for including me!! You’ve got some really great accounts listed here that I love following– as well as a few new ones that I’ll have to go check out!

  11. Hi, Great selection, I´m travel blogger but new in instagram. I not upload pictures taked with DSLR , after edited and published, I preffer real instagram taked with my Samsung Galaxy. Sorry for my english, I´m from Argentina. All Travel Bloggers are welcome to visit my familly and stay at home (I need to practice my english :-)). Find me like CheToba at Instagram or visiting my blog. Thanks again for let me discovered this profiles for follow.

  12. “A great hodge podge of experiences, this account never fails to disappoint.” – I think you meant to say ‘never disappoints’ unless you feel their account always disappoints.

  13. Great list Matt…
    It was very refreshing to see some beautiful new feeds I haven’t seen written about before. I’ve followed all of them. Have you checked out @Steller? It has an Instagram account but the app itself is stunning and worth a gander. Oh yeah…my instagram is @theinsatiabletraveler. Have a great day! :)

  14. Hey thanks for this great selection. You should also check out lovetrotters on Instagram. They certainly need some more love ;)

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