Returning To One Of My Favorite Countries – Jordan

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Three years ago, when my site was still fairly new, I traveled to a remarkable country in the Middle East for the first time, Jordan. That trip was an important one personally. It helped changed some opinions I had of the region and developed a deep love for the people (and food) of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. I’ve wanted to return for a long time and starting next week, I’ll get that chance.

Starting Monday, October 13, I will fly to Amman, Jordan where I’ll be meeting up with other bloggers and writers to start an exciting trip, the #GoJordan adventure. The goal is to once again see some of the best Jordan has to offer, but also to go a little deeper than I did the first time. This time the people of Jordan will be a big focus as I meander around the country. Whether it’s learning basic Arabic in Amman or discovering what Bedouin life is like in Wadi Rum, this time I will explore Jordan through the eyes of her people and I frankly can’t wait to get started.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

As you may know, Jordan is home to some of the most exciting and beautiful sites in the world from Petra to the deserts of Wadi Rum and even the warm waters of the Red Sea. There’s a lot to see and do here, especially for the luxury adventure traveler. That’s the perspective from which I’ll be exploring Jordan this time. It’s my usual mode of travel and thankfully there are plenty of opportunities for both in Jordan. So, what will I be doing? Some of it I’m keeping secret for now, but a few of the highlights include:

  • Hiking through Dana Biosphere Reserve and staying at the Feynan Ecolodge, one of the top ecolodges in the world
  • Embracing my inner Indiana Jones at Petra, hiking through the Siq to the Treasury and on to the Monastery.
  • Follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in Wadi Rum desert and sleep under the stars at a Bedouin camp
  • Return to one of my favorite places in the world, Ma’In Hot Springs and their famous hot waterfalls
  • Wet hike through Wadi Mujib Biosphere Reserve
  • Eat ALL THE FOOD (I love Jordanian food)
  • Experiencing some of the best hotels in Jordan and a lot of surprises along the way!

As with all of my journeys, I’ll be sharing everything in real time via social media and my web site. Just search for the #GoJordan hashtag on all platforms to see what I’m doing, seeing and eating while in Jordan.

Is there anything in particular you think I should see or do in Jordan?


This campaign was created and sponsored by Jordan Tourism Board in partnership with iambassador. LandLopers retains all editorial control of what is published and as you know, I never shy away from honest commentary.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

6 thoughts on “Returning To One Of My Favorite Countries – Jordan”

  1. Jordan is so intriguing. It would be wonderful to mingle in its culture and befriend the locals. The country is certainly enchanting.

  2. Sounds awesome Matt! I will be following along as I plan to visit Jordan for the first time next spring!


  3. Glad to hear you are coming back! This whole area needs a lot more positive coverage as the news and media are scaring everyone away, and its a really shame as Jordan is one of the safest places to be! JTB have a habit of missing Aqaba off their itineraries so make sure you push to travel this far south and give the diving a try, the reefs in the Red Sea are some of the best in the world! Not to mention the seafood – visit Stacoza restaurant near the high flag. Look forward to following your posts, and maybe we’ll see you as you pass through.

  4. Ahh I am so jealous! Jordan is up there at the top of my travel wishlist – I studied a lot of Middle Eastern politics at uni so I would love to visit the region. I think ‘Eat all the food’ is a pretty good idea :) Can’t wait to see what you get up to!

  5. Matt, So glad you get to return. Jordan is a fabulous country with some of the most generous and welcoming people I’ve every had the privilege to call friends. I’ll be looking forward to following your trip!

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