Extraordinary Driving Experience at the Porsche Factory in Leipzig

Located just outside of Leipzig, Germany is one of the premier auto manufacturers in the world, Porsche’s Leipzig plant. At this massive complex they produce the Cayenne, Panamera and the Macan models for discerning customers around the world. Even if you aren’t in the market for a Porsche though, a visit to the factory is a remarkable experience not to just see the cars being produced, but for the chance to drive in one yourself.

Every year Porsche welcomes thousands of guests who get a detailed look behind the scenes at what it takes to put these legendary machines of horsepower and grace together. Made to order, no two are exactly alike and it’s amazing to see the precision in workmanship that it requires to make a Porsche a Porsche. But that’s not the star of the experience, for something truly extraordinary you have to go for a few laps in one of these sporty cars on the plant’s FIA-certified test track.

Porsche Leipzig Germany

I’m not a gear-head but even I was excited to join a professional driver in an all-out driving experience on the well-designed course. As I climbed in, the driver gave me a wink and before I knew it we were off. I of course knew that it would be fast, but nothing prepared me for the G-forces and the sensation of pure speed that happened right away. Reaching incredible speeds almost instantaneously, the next couple of minutes were some of the most exciting of my life. The driver expertly managed the turns, which are modeled after some of the most famous in the world, flirting with disaster as we drifted and skidded around bends in the course.

Whether you are a fan of F1 racing or a novice like myself, this is a not-to-be-missed experienced that will make you feel like a race car driver yourself. Take a look at this video of my own experience to see what I mean.

By: Matt Long

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