For The Love and Beauty of Welsh Towns

Wales, UK

I’ve always had a romantic notion of Wales, even though I honestly didn’t know a lot about it. A lifelong Anglophile, I was a little embarrassed that I’d never before visited and was excited for my first adventure there in this small region of the UK. In a rare moment of expectations matching reality, what I found was a country replete not only with natural beauty, but urban beauty as well. Urban may be a stretch, but I don’t know the appropriate adjective for cute villages so I’m going to stick with it.

I only had the opportunity to explore a few of the villages in northern Wales, but what I discovered was enough to convince me that many more return visits wouldn’t just be nice, they’re compulsory.

Conwy – One of many towns in Wales with distinctive town walls and a castle, Conwy sits on the north coast of Wales. Walking around just after dawn one morning, I had the sleepy town all to myself. Doubtless that the features common to locals, were the ones I found most welcoming. Beautiful homes and shops that are undoubtedly impossibly old, and a handsome castle and walls surrounding it all. I walked up to the top of the walls, the sounds of a bus in the distance and looked out across the countryside. Sheep and cottages lined the hills and I knew that I had definitely arrived into Wales. On the other end of town is the port, with glass-like water and boats lining the water’s edge. Just beyond I noticed a small building, as it turns out the smallest house in Great Britain. With dimensions of just 9 feet by 3 feet, this tiny structure was in constant habitation for 400 years until it was turned into an attraction. Conwy may be just one of many other similar towns, but I found myself loving it almost right away.

Conwy Wales UK




Conwy, Wales UK



Beaumarais – A decidedly more marine feeling was evident right away in this Welsh town, located at the eastern entrance of the Menai Strait. Originally a Viking settlement, the castle of Beaumarais and the ensuing town came about with many others at the same time, part of a defensive strategy by King Edward I who had recently conquered Wales. An important port town for centuries, boats are still important here and my own perfect moment came again at dawn, walking along the beach and watching the world come alive. It’s definitely smaller than Conwy and while different, has a certain beauty all of its own.






Have you been to Wales? What are some other tows worth visiting?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

4 thoughts on “For The Love and Beauty of Welsh Towns”

  1. I have to say that I wish I had gotten beyond Cardiff now. The rest of the country look stunning. Guess I am going to have to head back there at some point.

  2. Hi Matt!

    I’ve just been to (northern) Wales with the bf over the long weekend and absolutely loved it! If you get the chance to come back again, give a thought about climbing Mt. Snowdon – its highest peak. :)

  3. Great post with some amazing photos – I absolutely adore Wales, since going on holiday every year as a child.

    Though the Welsh blood in me means I have to be picky and say Wales is a country in the UK, not just a region…

  4. Please visit South and South West Wales – from Cardiff, the Capital with its magnificent Civic Centre, to Carmarthen (Myrddin’s Castle – Myrddin is of course the real life Merlin), Laugharne of Dylan Thomas fame, Pembroke (where the future Henry VII was born), Haverfordwest, Carew (see the castle and shed a tear for beauty), the Gower and Worms Head, Devil’s Bridge, the Brecon Beacons where the world famous SAS train, Swansea so heavily bombed in WWII – the list goes on. Wales has a culture full of song, poetry and the glorious language that is Welsh (the OLDEST continuously spoken language in Europe!) a visit to the UK without the Wales experience is an opportunity lost for understanding art, history and heritage.

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