42 Things I Love About Western Australia

Rottnest Island Australia

1. Napping in luxury at the Fraser Suites in Perth

2. Experiencing Aboriginal life throughout the state

3. Touring the ghost towns of the Goldfields

4. Learning about the importance of mining in Kalgoorlie

5. Meeting a furry quokka on Rottnest Island

6. Paddling around in a kayak near Shark Bay

7. Getting used to seeing emus strolling by in the wild

8. Sampling fine wines in the Margaret River Region

9. Being welcomed with typical Western Australian friendliness

10. Checking out the trendy Northbridge neighborhood in Perth

11. Enjoying the ridiculous amount of sunshine WA gets every year

12. 4×4 drive through Peron National Park in Shark Bay

13. Walking along Perth’s foreshore

14. Swimming with wild dolphins in Monkey Mia

15. Sampling some of the many craft beers now popular in WA

Perth Australia fireworks

16. Australia Day in Perth is a not to be missed experience

17. Touring the historical brothels in Kalgoorlie, from the outside

18. Visiting the origins of life on Earth at Hamelin Pool

19. Learning Aussie lingo like eskie and heaps

20. Beer, wine, beach and great food all in the Geographe Bay area

21. Going on a small bar tour in Perth

22. Vowing to return to continue exploring this massive state

23. Taking the Indian-Pacific starting in Perth and crossing the continent

24. Buying snacks at the Freemantle Market

25. Sun bathing by the beach in Monkey Mia

26. Marveling at the Super Pit

27. Gazing at the night stars in the middle of the Outback

28. Enjoying cutting edge cuisine in Perth

29. Marveling at the size of WA; more than three times the size of Texas!

Sharks Bay Western Australia

30. Swimming at Cottesloe Beach

31. Walking along with the massive art installation at Lake Ballard

32. Learning about the history of the gold rush in WA

33. Eating a juicy burger at the Broad Arrow Tavern near Kalgoorlie

34. Ferry ride on the Swan River

35. Laughing at strange signs, especially for bilbies

36. Spending the night in a President’s bed at the Hoover House

37. Visiting towns with names like Siberia, Gwalia and Menzies

38. Spending time exploring the Shark Bay UNESCO World Heritage area

39. Taking a picnic to Kings Park in Perth

40. Biking the full width and breadth of Rottnest Island

41. Festivals! Including the Fringe Festival

42. Touring the historic convict site in Freemantle

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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  1. Great post! WA certainly has a lot to offer. Ideas for your return trip: Fishing off the rocks in Port Bouvard, kayaking with dolphins, rays and pelicans (also Port Bouvard), Exmouth and Broome, Hillarys Boat Harbour. Best of all…a sunset in WA is more spectacular than anywhere else I’ve experienced in Australia to date.

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