42 Things I Love About Taiwan

1. Peking duck at the Celestial Restaurant in Taipei. Best.In.The.World.

2. Getting answers from divination stones at any Buddhist temple

3. Eating at one of the many quirky cafes in Taiwan – Hello Kitty for dessert anyone?

4. Driving through the misty, cloud covered mountains of central Taiwan

5. If you like seafood, then Taiwan is the place for you. (I don’t, but that’s ok)

6. Learning about Taiwan’s indigenous cultures at the excellent National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung

7. Looking out across Taipei from the top of the skyscraper Taipei 101

Taiwan street food

8. Experimenting with new foods that look strange, but are almost always excellent

9. Enjoying a peaceful bike ride through the rice paddies of Chishang

10. Trying to enjoy traditional Chinese Opera courtesy of the Taipei Eye Foundation

11. Being pampered at any one of many luxury hotels around the country.

12. White water rafting down the beautiful rivers found around the island

13. Walking through the somber but stunning grounds of Memorial Hall Square in Taipei

14. Slurping down refreshing winter melon tea on a hot day in Tainan

15. Getting used to the idea of roasted sweet potatoes as a snack

Taiwan Rice Paddies

16. Steaming hot dumplings at Din Tai Fung

17. Seeing what’s hot in Taipei’s trendy Ximending district

18. Chewing Betel nuts – would you try it?

19. Trying your hand at surfing – no, really!

20. Spending the day in the forest learning about the customs of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples

21. Trying to figure out the love affair with Hello Kitty. It’s everywhere and I don’t get it.

22. Marveling at the treasures found in the National Palace Museum

Taiwan Mountains

23. Immersion in eco-tourism at the Paper Dome in Taomi

24. Enjoying a thermal spa near Sun Moon Lake

25. Stocking up on pineapple cakes and mochi balls to take home as presents

26. Lunching on a traditional lunch box in a railroad car in Chishang

27. Going back to the Celestial Restaurant for more Peking duck. (It’s that good)

28. Discovering quirky little shops on Shennong Street in Tainan

29. Discovering the quirky delight of eating tea eggs

30. Mango shaved ice – enough said

31. Being taught all about the fine art of drinking Oolong tea

32. Sitting on the grass enjoying local bands at the Taitung night market

33. Trekking through the insanely beautiful Taroko Gorge National Park

34. Smelling the heady aroma of camphor trees as you walk through Da’an district in Taipei

35. Getting up early to learn the finer points of Tai-chi

36. Marveling at the combination of beliefs in temples around Taiwan

37. Hiking through the jungles of the Central Mountain Range

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei, Taiwan

38. Learning your Chinese name and then having wooden stamps made with the characters

39. Biking around beautiful Sun Moon Lake

40. Getting around the island easily and quickly via high-speed train.

41. Learning more about the Dutch influence in Taiwan’s first capital, Tainan

42. Dinner at any night market anywhere in the country.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

10 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About Taiwan”

  1. I absolutely love Taiwan too!
    It is the best combination between Asian and some Western culture, as the Taiwanese are very global people plus it’s in the tropics!
    Only downturn is the Typhoon season, but hey, no place can be perfect!

  2. Wow! I have been promising myself a visit to Taiwan for ages as I am planning to trace my father’s footsteps as a Japanese POW during WW11 during which time he spent nearly a year in Taiwan. Your piece has prompted me to take action and start my planning! Thank you.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed your time spent in Taiwan! I’m Taiwanese and I visit my family in Taiwan every summer. I still get amazed every time when I go back. It’s interesting knowing your perspectives as a traveler though :) great pictures and everything!

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