42 Things I Love About The Bahamas

water dock

1. The islands are a short and easy flight from the U.S.

2. Swimming with Pigs on Exuma

3. Parasailing, kayaking and personal watercraft rides – need I say more?

4. Enjoying great food with good friends

5. Bird watching on The Abacos

6. Laid back attitudes where no one takes themselves too seriously.

7. Eating lunch on Rose Island, secluded and beautiful


8. Exploring any of the three national parks on Grand Bahama Island

9. Hand rolling a cigar at the Graycliff Hotel in Nassau

10. Taking a tour of the Sands beer factory, and maybe enjoying a glass or two

11. Swimming with dolphins on Grand Bahama Island

12. Enjoy some of the best diving in the world

13. The fact that there are so many islands to enjoy

14. 2,000 beaches. TWO THOUSAND. Enough said.

Junkanoo Bahamas

15. Walking through the eerie Preachers Cave on Eleuthera

16. Walking across the Glass Window Bridge where the clear Caribbean and dark Atlantic meet

17. Conch fritters for the win

18. Kayak through the mangroves on Andros

19. Finding small communities with more golf carts than cars

20. Exploring the Marine Habitat at Atlantis

21. Souvenir shopping at the Straw Market in Nassau

22. Finding your own private beach, atoll or little nook to enjoy

the dunmore

23. Chartering a boat for the day to go fishing, swimming or whatever you want

24. Five star dining found at even the most unlikely of spots

25. Watching the perfect sunset. Every day.

26. Hiking through amazingly diverse terrain

27. Basking in perfect weather all the time

28. Snorkeling through the James Bond Thunderball Grotto on Staniel Caye

29. Sitting back and enjoying a Kalik beer

harbour island bahamas

30. Watching a Junkanoo band march past

31. Walking through the Queens Bath on Eleuthera

32. Perfect sunset on Harbour Island

33. Discovering local artists and their wares for a great souvenir

34. Partaking in a little Vegas atmosphere at the Atlantis Resort

35. Island hopping by plane or boat

36. Snorkeling in crystal clear waters

Harbour Island

37. Learning more about Bahamian culture at the Junkanoo Expo Museum

38. Walking through the quirky Dunmore Town on Harbour Island

39. Eat some more conch fritters.

40. Discovering long forgotten shipwrecks as you dive in the beautiful waters

41. Discovering that the Bahamas are THE perfect island paradise

42. Beach. All day. Repeat

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

5 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About The Bahamas”

  1. Haha I would never of expected there to be quite so many beaches but I guess that is the main thing you think of when you think about the Bahamas. Looks great and sounds like a fantastic place to escape to especially if you are from the USA in which case the distance is really not bad at all! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feeling on the places you visited – I’m sure they’re very positive!

  2. The Bahamas was the first country I visited outside the US, and I love it for many of the reasons you listed!
    Beaches and conch fritters? Yes please!

  3. Island hopping, hiking, and discovering forgotten shipwrecks are great idea’s for traveling to places such as Bahama’s. I think all of your tips are great ideas!

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