Exploring Split – One of Croatia’s Great Coastal Cities

One of the best known cities in Croatia, Split is an ancient town that has been captivating visitor’s imaginations for centuries. Well known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace, Split has a lot more to offer than just Roman ruins. I spent a day exploring this coastal city and quickly realized that it was nowhere nearly enough time. What I did manage to see though was amazing and I quickly fell in love with this beautiful Mediterranean city on the Adriatic Sea.

Split Croatia

By: Matt Long

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16 thoughts on “Exploring Split – One of Croatia’s Great Coastal Cities”

  1. These photos bring back a lot of great memories. Wow – that first photo is awesome. I had no idea the mountains were that close.

  2. I have been to several other places in Croatia, most notably Dubrovnik, but sadly Split is missing from the list. After seeing your great photographs that is an omission I will soon be remedying. I’ve read about and listened to recommendations but seeing it is the clincher. It’s really a case of a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks

  3. A friend of mine is over in Croatia at the moment and absolutely loving it… he says it’s his favourite destination. Judging by your photos, I’d have to agree.

  4. Croatia has been on my wish list for some time and your photography has made me more determined than ever to get there soon. I especially liked the angles you captured with the arches in picture number 2. I think I’ll need to scout around your site a bit to see what else I can find… Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  5. Matt, we’re headed to Split in a few days and excited to stay there for a month this winter. Loved to find pre-trip inspiration via your wonderful set of images. What other locales did you visit while in Dalmatia?

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