42 Things I Love About Croatia

Mirogoj Cemetery Zagreb

1. Spending the afternoon relaxing in one of Zagreb’s many squares and parks

2. Enjoying some of the world’s best seafood, if that’s your thing

3. Taking a ferry to one of the many islands, including Brac

4. Hiking and climbing the cliffs in Paklenica National Park

5. Shopping at Dolac market for fresh produce and gifts in Zagreb

6. Enjoying delicious Pag cheese (Paski sir) – on Pag Island

7. Learning all about traditional Croatian customs in the Konavle Valley

8. Exploring the castles in the Croatian countryside

9. Taking the cable car up for a panoramic view of Dubrovnik

10. Learning how great Croatian wine really is

11. Spending time reflecting at the Museum of Broken Relationships

12. Hiking the ancient walls in Ston

13. Listening to the beautifully eerie tones of the Sea Organ in Zadar

14. Marveling at the ancient Greek farms dotting the landscape on the islands

15. Walking the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik

16. Admiring the tradition of public art found throughout Croatia

17. Strolling through old Split, which grew around the ancient Roman palace

18. Exploring Dubrovnik at night, when the crowds have largely gone home

19. Eating the best Italian food outside of Italy

20. Participating in one of Zagreb’s many street festivals

21. Understanding that driving around the country is the best way to experience it

22. Cruising around Croatia’s islands for a different kind of adventure

23. Walking through Zagreb’s Old Town

24. Catching some rays at the #1 beach in Croatia located near Bol on Brac Island

25. Segway tour to Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

26. Dancing the night away at an outdoor nightclub in Zadar

Plitvice Croatia

27. Marveling at the natural wonders throughout Plitvice Lakes National Park

28. Relaxing in a seaside plaza in Split

29. Eat some more! This time fine Istrian olive oil and truffles

30. Enjoying the warm hospitality of the Croatian people

31. Cafe culture is important in Croatia, spend the evening anywhere chatting and watching the world walk by

32. Sunset in Zadar, the most beautiful in the world

33. Enjoying the tradition of salt cultivation found throughout the country

Dubrovnik Old Port Croatia

34. Understanding how the history of Croatia has made it stronger than ever

35. Taking a break in Zadar at the trendy Art hotel Kalelarga for ham, cheese and wine

36. Looking for the Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

37. More Croatian wine?

38. The first time you think “I didn’t know it was this gorgeous!”

39. Posing in front of the colorfully tiled St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb

40. Enjoying a cocktail on a cliff side bar in Dubrovnik

41. Hanging out for the night on Tkalciceva, a massive pedestrian zone lined with restaurants and cafes in Zagreb

42. Vowing to return again no matter what

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

12 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About Croatia”

  1. One of my bucket list items is to rent an island in Croatia…you should check out visiwa.com…a lot more affordable than you might imagine! …especially if you have some people to pitch in on the price! Great post!

  2. Great post. I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia and you’ve given great tips on the highlights. Love your photos.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  3. Thanks for this, Matt! My wife and I have traveled to Croatia the past two years and have been to Dubrovnik, Mljet, and Korcula. We’re planning a trip back next year to visit a friend who lives in Zagreb. We’re obsessed with the country and love seeing it get great press.

  4. Bravo, Matt! Zagreb is an incredibly underrated city. And I’m glad you got to Zadar at sunset, and heard the otherworldly Sea Organ. Plitvice is spectacular of course. Next time take the ferry to Hvar too (just not in midsummer).

  5. Hi Matt and all others,
    great to read about 42 reasons to love Croatia, but I would say 1 (and only one) is enough.
    Because it’s Croatia !
    Not having to drive for miles and miles or flying from one place to another, the unique thing about Croatia is that all is within reasonable distance.
    As where do you find antique towns (do not forget Trogir), the Adriatic, rough nature, mountains and much more within an hour or less.

    Anyway, you run a hell of a great website, and all of that between discovering the globe !
    Great job Matt, cheers from Dalmatia, Pim.

  6. Matt! As “pim” writes: You forgot the pittoresk city near Split Airport: At the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, old Trogir! – And Dalmatia kick ass!

  7. Belinda van den Berg

    Hi, thanks for the great post! …fell in love with Croatia on our first visit and did 42. In 21 days we’ll be doing 21!

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