42 Things I Love About South Africa

Bo Kaap table Mountain

1. That first glimpse of Table Mountain

2. A hot air balloon ride over one of the oldest valleys in the world

3. Getting lost in wilds of the Northern Cape

4. Hanging out with any South African – some of the nicest people anywhere

5. Learning that Johannesburg is a great town to explore

6. Sticky koeksisters for dessert

lion kruger

7. The first time you say ‘lekker’

8. Driving the incredibly beautiful Chapman’s Peak Drive

9. Sampling the many great wines

10. Jumping off of the highest bungee swing in the world in Durban

11. Going on safari. Anywhere. It’s amazing

12. Enjoying the views at Camps Bay in Cape Town

13. Going to your first rugby match

misty cliffs cape town

14. Hiking around Cape Point

15. Staying at a 5-star boutique hotel in Johannesburg

16. Meeting the penguins of Boulder Beach

17. Enjoying a unique filled pancake

18. Spending hours experiencing the past at the Apartheid Museum

19. Swimming with Great White Sharks

20. Catching some rays on the beach in Durban

Bunny chow Durban South Africa

21. Snacking on fresh biltong

22. When you actually understand what’s going on during your first rugby match

23. Listening to some live jazz in any of the major cities

24. The immense canopy of stars in the bush

25. Exploring the beauty of the Garden Route

26. Learning about the past on Robben Island

27. Pick up a quick lunch of spicy bunnychow in Durban

safari south africa

28. Holding a lion cub at the Ukutula Lion Park

29. Adopting the laid back feel that South Africa is known for

30. Exploring the Hout Bay community near Cape Town

31. Appreciating just how massively large and stunning the country really is

32. Cage diving with crocodiles

orlando towers

33. That moment when I stopped saying Johannesburg and switched to Jozi

34. Taking a few days to enjoy the gorgeous Panorama Route

35. Staying aware of baboons, ostriches and who knows what else

36. A good braai with friends

37. Paying reverence to Mr. Mandela by visiting his former house in Soweto

Table Mountain

38. Learning all about style and design in Cape Town

39. Getting lost in the raw beauty of the Wild Coast

40. Its warm, wonderful people

41. Jumping off the highest bungee in the world at Bloukrans Bridge

42. Sundowner in Kruger National Park


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By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

23 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About South Africa”

  1. That’s a fantastic list Matt. I wish we had it prior to our own trip to Cape Town! We’ve probably crossed off a good half of your list, but now we have even more of a reason to go back! It’s such a gorgeous country!

  2. After this post I’m hard pressed not to just pack up everything and move there right now. I’ve never been to South Africa, but every single thing on that list sounded incredible.

  3. Stop talking about visiting and get here! I love that I get to live here… My land is beautiful

  4. Great post Matt. You are clearly tuning in to the real vibes of SA. Nice work ;-)
    Just one typo that is crucial to amend: our national cultural activity you spelt “braii” should be “braai”.
    Looking forward to welcoming you back here soon.
    All the best from Cape Town.
    cheers. luke

  5. Working and writing for a safari travel company, I was thrilled to read your post(s). You really have captured the heart of Africa and made it a personal experience and not a ‘touristy’ one. You write as if you do live here :)

  6. Not sure I could limit my list to 42, but several of your more adventurous ones (10, 19, 32, 41) would not be on my list. Instead I’d add: seeing the flowers in the Western Cape, learning to make and then drinking a springbok, visiting the Klipdrift Distillery and sampling the brandies, hiking Table Mountain, visiting the Cradle of Humankind….

    So much more to see and experience although I’ve already been there 3 times for a total of 8 weeks…

  7. Danny the south African

    I love south Africa its my home land I grew up there and south Africa really does have its own culture if you compare it to the UK I mean south Africa just has so much life to it. Its a very beautiful country.south Africa has the best food in the world . And the most beautiful sites.I tryed to explain what south Africa is like but words cant tell its beauty

  8. I spent 3 months in SA, 2 years ago, and I still miss it everyday! Safari, biltong, braai,the garden route, paap, diving in Aliwal shoal, Indian food in Durban, Capetown, Robben island, table mountain, road tripping, cage diving, Kruger!!, blyde river canyon and the panorama route! My favorite country, I just can’t wait to go back <3

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