Historic Savannah, Georgia – A Trip in Photos

My partner and I recently spent a few days of R&R on Amelia Island in Florida. On our last day we decided to drive up the coast for a day trip to a new city for us – Savannah, Georgia. I’d long heard great things about the historic, downtown core with its antebellum homes and tree-lined streets. Seeing this Southern perfection in person though was another matter and I quickly fell in love with this beautiful, coastal town.

Established in 1733, Savannah was the colonial capital of Georgia as well as the state’s first capital city. History in this beautiful city didn’t end with the colonial era, Savannah has played a key role in American history through today; all of which can be seen by taking a simple walk around town.


Savannah, Georgia

To replicate many features on this walk, I’ve developed this handy walking guide for you.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

15 thoughts on “Historic Savannah, Georgia – A Trip in Photos”

  1. Savannah is a city I’ve wanted to visit for a while. It looks so beautiful and makes me think of spending summers lounging on a porch drinking lemonade. Something that I couldn’t do here in the UK! What is that food that you’ve pictured? It looks very naughty but scrummy!

  2. Savannah is one of our favorite cities to visit and your images clearly show why. Such a scenic, historic city it’s easy to fall in love with Savannah. So glad you enjoyed the city as well and your images are wonderful!

  3. Kristin @ KEEN Digital Summit

    Savannah might be my favorite city in the continental US! Love it!

  4. I recently movd from Atlanta to Savannah in 2012. I have lived in Georgia all my life but haven’t felt as ‘at home’ anywhere else. This city has beauty, culture, history, whimsy and an amazing arts community. The native Savannians are the most kind hearted southerners I have encountered. Y’all must come back. There is so much more to see. Drive into Wormsloe Plantation under the most beautiful canopy of live oaks ever. Visit the quaint beach community of Tybee Island. See the creative mark SCAD has made on our community with a start at Gryphon Tea Room and on for the most unique souvenirs at SHOP SCAD. This is just a start. Maybe plan a week for your next visit.

  5. Hi Matt

    Love the pictures how did you bring the colours up, did you use Photoshop?
    We have walked these streets quite a few times and just love the way the Spanish moss drips from the trees.

    We are fortunate to have very good friends who live in ATL and we holiday with them frequently. We usually drive down to Hilton Head
    And take in Savannah for a day or two. I would recommend that if you only have a short time in Savannah then head down to Abercorn Street
    And take a trolley tour. The guides are just great and the information you gain is terrific. You also get to see the ‘Haint’ house. In good old southern
    Fashion, ‘Haint’ house is so called because it ‘Haint’ blue and it ‘Haint green. I can also recommend factors walk but not if stairs are an issue for you.

    Charleston is another fantastic photographic opportunity and I can highly recommend a trip there. It is steeped in history that dates back to the civil war, a walk around battery
    With all its cannons reveals some surprising facts.

    Best Regards

    Mark Draper


  6. Would you please correct the date of Savannah’s founding? The colony was founded in 1733 by General James Edward Oglethorpe on behalf of the Trustees of Georgia. It was the last colony established and was founded to be a buffer between the British and the Spanish in Florida.

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