42 Things I Love About West Sweden

Volvo Car Sweden

1. Taking the Blue Train Volvo Factory Tour

2. Walking through the massive rescue facility for endangered animals – Norden’s Ark

3. Taking the ferry to the beautiful island of Marstrand

4. Driving through the beautiful countryside

5. Staying at Sweden’s first floating hotel, the Salt & Sill

6. Driving from farmland to coastal roads to dense Nordic woods in a single day

7. Learning how to pronounce all those Swedish vowels

8. Getting lost for the best self-guided tour possible


9. Walking along the Avenyn Boulevard in Gothenburg

10. Sweden’s first Marine National Park, Kosterhavet

11. Koster Island seal safari

12. Enjoying the peace and quiet as well as amazing views at Villa Sjotorp

13. Visiting the Gothenburg Museum of Art

14. Unique teepee adventure in Dalsland, picking forest blueberries and making jam or exploring the lakes on a rowing boat.

15. Amazing seafood, if that’s your thing

16. Exploring beautiful Kladesholmen, Herring Island

Cinnamon Roll Sweden

17. Renting a Volvo to drive like the people in West Sweden

18. Visiting Bjertorp Manor on Vara plain

19.  Midsummer Festival!

20. Window shopping in picturesque Marstrand

21. Exploring the 18th century Gunnebo House and Garden

22. They really do eat lingonberries!

23. Enjoying a gigantic cinnamon roll at Café Husaren in Gothenburg

24. Exploring the coastline by sea kayak

25. Eating at A Taste of West Sweden-accredited restaurant

Malmo Sweden

26. Discovering tiny little fishing villages to spend a lazy afternoon

27. Taking the tram to Gothenburg’s city archipelago

28. Spending time at the beautiful Nordic Watercolour Museum

29. Läckö Castle, arguably the country´s most fairytale-like edifice

30. Coastal seafood safari

31. Exploring the Volvo Museum

32. That it’s an amazing place to relax and recharge

33. Laughing at the antics of Snow Leopards in Norden’s Park

34. Learning your way around Gothenburg’s convenient tram system

35. Engaging in a popular pastime – coffee drinking

36. Visiting the imposing Carlsten’s Fortress in Marstrand

Marstrand Island in Sweden

37. And they really do eat Swedish meatballs

38. Enjoying Sweden’s only floating sauna

39. Visiting in summer when it’s warm and sunny

40. The nightlife in Gothenburg

41. Vowing to return to see even more of this beautiful region

42. Eating contemporary Swedish cuisine at Familijia in Gothenburg

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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