Exploring the Medieval Village of Peratallada, Spain

I’ve had the good fortune of exploring Spain’s beautiful Costa Brava and Girona regions a couple of times, thanks to the kind invitation of Costa Brava Tourism. Both regions are tucked into the homey area known as Catalonia. This part of Spain has everything from mountains to farmland to their famous beaches, but one of my favorite finds was this tiny and ancient village. There wasn’t anything really to see or do; the joy was just in the experience itself. After exploring the town on foot and not seeing a soul, I finally discovered where everyone was. It was late afternoon and the village had assembled at the local cafe for beer, wine and snacks. And that is why I love Spain; for it’s laid-back attitude and just enjoying life as it comes.

peratallada spain

By: Matt Long

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10 thoughts on “Exploring the Medieval Village of Peratallada, Spain”

  1. Peratallada was one of the best surprises when I visited Costa Brava and I fell in love with this small hamlet, as well as with lovely Pals, near-by.
    I was not expecting Costa Brava to have so many little charming villages.

  2. This is why the capital-hoppers are missing out. I would wander around medieval cobblestone car-free streets all day long and not get tired of it.

  3. What beautiful pictures Matt! I am only an hour away by car from Peratallada, may pay a visit next weekend!

  4. Wow, these images of this village are gorgeous. The buildings are so well-preserved. There are so many little villages around Catalonia that’s worth a visit..and they don’t get the crazy tourist crowds like in in Barcelona ;-)

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