42 Things I Love About the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees in Spain

Santa Pau, Spain

1. Learning how to make aioli the RIGHT way

2. Visit to Llívia, the only Catalan town surrounded by France

3. Eating dinner inside a volcano in Olot

4. Delicious and succulent ham, all the time and everywhere

5. Skiing at La Molina high in the mountains

6. Walking through the immaculately landscaped Santa Clotildes Botanical Gardens

Santa Clotilde’s Botanical Gardens

7. Doing nothing at all but relax and enjoy the scenery

8. Some of the friendliest people in the world

9. Sampling locally produced cheese and bread in the Vall de Bianya

10. The beautiful bridges of Girona

11. Climbing to the top of the bell tower in Puigcerdà to see three countries at once: Spain, France and Andorra

12. Learning how to drink from a porron without making a mess

13. Dinner at one of the many Michelin star restaurants

14. The shockingly white buildings along the boardwalk at Cadaqués

15. Listening to the melodic sounds of a traditional Spanish guitar

16. Looking for Dali’s inspiration at Cap de Creus Natural Park

17. Interesting and sometimes somber Museum of Jewish History in Girona

18. Pa Amb Tomaquet

Llafranc, Costa Brava Spain
Llafranc, Costa Brava Spain

19. Biking along country roads amidst farms, churches and ancient towns

20. Staying at the 12th century nunnery Mas Garganta near Olot

21. Finding rest and spiritual solace at the remote Vall de Núria

22. Trying the popular Catalan after-dinner drink Ratafia

23. Hot air ballooning high over the Pyrenees mountains

24. Boating along the beautiful and rugged coast

25. Enjoying the local delicacy, mushrooms, in a thousand different ways

26. More ham

27. Trying your hand at mushroom hunting high in the wooded mountains

28. Strolling through any one of the many beautiful churches and monasteries found around the region

29. Walking around the cobble stones streets of the medieval village of Peratallada

30. Watching the sun set over the Mediterranean

Eiffel Bridge in Girona, Spain

31. Admiring the amazing views at Llafranc

32. Local dessert of dipping bread in red wine and then covering with sugar. It’s better than it sounds

33. Tickled nose at a cava tasting

34. Just walk along the streets of Girona, watch the people, stop for a snack and enjoy being in an amazing city

35. Hiking through the mountain valleys near El Mallol

36. Easting with locals at a fisherman’s hut

37. Learning the art and science of an expertly made gin and tonic

38. Wine, wine and more wine.

39. Eating at the #2 restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca

40. Visit to ancient volcanoes in La Garrotxa

41. Climbing along the city walls of Girona

42. Touring the strangely beautiful Dali House and Museum

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

12 thoughts on “42 Things I Love About the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees in Spain”

  1. 42 things, that’s quite a lot:)
    I’ve visited Girona once many years ago with my parents. We wanted to visit the Dahli museum but the line outside was huuuuuuge, the sun was burning and my brother was still very little back then, so we skipped it. Will definitely go back to see in though.

  2. enjoy the tips very much. I visited Dali museum in 2007 and i m still very awestruck by his Gorgeous work.

  3. The Costa Brava is a wonderful place to live and to visit.
    I first came here to dive the Medes Islands Marine Reserve and fell in love with the diving here. So much so that I moved here and became a marine conservation researcher.
    I am a voluntary coordinator for the Silmar Project and welcome volunteer divers from all over the world to assist with underwater species survey each summer.

  4. Ah, it is such a beautiful place! Who couldn’t fall in love with Costa Brava or Girona or even the Pyrenees (despite the cold)? And Pa amb Tomàquet… the best! wonderful list I shall admit.
    With love,

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