African Safari Close Ups

Sunset on the Zambezi Queen

This week the #FriFotos theme is Close Up, a perfect opportunity to highlight some wildlife shots from my trip to Africa. In Namibia I was the guest of the Zambezi Queen, a luxury ship that offers remarkable access to wildlife. From the ship we visited nearby Chobe National Park in Botswana where we went on a game drive. Some of the photos below were taken either on the Zambezi Queen or on their game drive in Botswana. The rest were taken at the Stanley and Livingstone at Victoria Falls Resort in Zimbabwe. The Stanley and Livingstone sits in the middle of a massive game reserve famous for their conservation work with the endangered black rhino. I have a lot more to say about both properties, but for now I hope you enjoy some of the wildlife I encountered while their guest.




Elephant Zambezi Queen

Elephants Stanley and Livingstone


 Botswana giraffes

Botswana giraffe



Crocodile Zambezi Queen



Zebra Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, Zimbabwe

Zebra Stanley and Livingstone Resort



Hippo Botswana

Hippo Zambezi Queen



Baboons Zambezi Queen



Warthog Stanley and Livingstone


Cape Buffalo


Cape Buffalo Stanley and Livingstone Resort

Cape Buffalo Stanley and Livingstone Resort

Black Rhinos


Black rhino Stanley and Livingstone Resort

Black rhino Stanley and Livingstone Resort

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

20 thoughts on “African Safari Close Ups”

  1. Thank you for these lovely pictures! Can hardly wait for your blog on the Zambezi Queen and the Stanley and Livingstone Resort at Victoria Falls.

  2. Matt – just WOW at these shots. These are seriously incredible. I think the elephant one and the giraffes have to be my favourite – oh, and the second shot of the hippos. The first one looks slightly terrifying. I’m not usually too big on nature so to speak (I’ll look at it on a computer, just don’t make me go out there!) but an African safari is something I must must must must do.

    1. Thanks Tom, I really appreciate that. I love wildlife so this was something I was very much looking forward to. Now that I have the safari bug though all I want to do is return!

  3. Fantastic photos! What type of camera/lense are you using? I’m at Chobe soon and would love it of my photos could look this amazing

    1. Ha, well thanks I appreciate it. Don’t get too hung up on cameras though, it’s all about finding what appeals to you. BUT, I use a Nikon D5100 and was shooting with a 55-200mm lens

  4. Hello Matt,

    Firstly – great pictures! When the blog is published please let me know and we’ll share it/feature it on the Mantis socila media platforms too. Thanks.

  5. WOW! Great photos, Matt. Was looking forward to them. You’ve just moved “African Safari” way up on my list of things to do as I travel!

  6. I love the colors in the first elephant shot! Really liked the second Cape buffalo picture too! Nice work!

  7. Hi Matt,

    Wow, what a great safari you had! I hope I get to join one some day, too.
    thanks for sharing your trip.

    cheers, Lash

  8. Nice photos Matt!

    I’m planning a trip to Africa next year, but having trouble deciding between eastern Africa and South Africa. Since you’ve been to both, any thoughts or suggestions?


    1. Well I’m a huge fan of South Africa actually. But it’s easy to combine a joint trip. I’d spend time in SA, but then head up to Botswana or Zimbabwe for some variety. Have fun!

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