Capturing Color Through Travel Photos

There’s been a photo meme circulating around the blogosphere and never one to ignore a photo challenge, I decided to join in the fun. Below are my favorite photos that reflect the following colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.

So without further ado, here are my favorite colorful travel photos

Canadian sled dog

BLUE – Lake Louise, Canada

Her eyes stopped me dead in my tracks. Amos’ clear blue eyes were like glacial pools and revealed her strength, intelligence and yes even her capacity to love. I’ll never forget the day I met that very special sled dog.


Galapagos tortoise

GREEN – Galapagos, Ecuador

It was feeding time and these two giant tortoises were fighting over some leaves, an unlikely argument to say the least. It was this moment though that defined for me personally the beauty and majesty of the islands, the world’s most improbable animal sanctuary.


St. Kitts

YELLOW – St. Kitts

As I was walking through a field I noticed this run down building with a stray dog relaxing in front. He’s licking his lips, almost in anticipation of a cold Carib Lager


Kingmik Dogsled

WHITE – Dog sledding in Alberta, Canada

The sled tour was almost over when we entered the forest, trees racing by at a fierce clip. Then, almost as suddenly as we entered the grove we erupted into an empty field of sparkling virgin snow. It was one of the few times when an experience took my breath away because of its beauty and wonder.


RED – Petra, Jordan

I ran into these Bedouin soldiers while hiking through Petra and asked if they’d pose for a portrait. Instead of smiles and laughs, they stood there stoically as I snapped away, exemplifying the seriousness of their jobs.


I hope you enjoyed my favorite colorful photos. Now it’s time for me to nominate some other bloggers to participate in the contest.

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By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

16 thoughts on “Capturing Color Through Travel Photos”

  1. Matt,

    I read your tweet on this and followed the link to your post. It looked like an interesting contest so I followed on to the contest sponsor’s website and took a look at the terms and conditions.

    I’d strongly urge you to review those terms and conditions carefully; particularly the last item ‘What Happens to Your Entry’. The usage terms in this case are very broad and anyone entering the competition can, for all intents and purposes, lose control of the images submitted.

    There’s a terrific resource for photographers that was initiated some years ago by a photographers’ association in the UK called Pro Imaging. They have put together a ‘Photographer’s Bill of Rights’ that is the benchmark for photography competitions,

    I’d like to recommend reading it and passing along to others who you know.


  2. Great pics Matt! My fav is the white. I have the urge to run out into that sheet of snow and make snow angels!

  3. Love the pics Matt….that first picture is piercing. I’ve got to get my butt in gear…was tagged for this too, time to go look over some photos ;)

  4. Great pics, Matt. I’m a sucker for animals, especially dogs, so I loved those the most. Amos would have been smuggled back to Houston with me. Those eyes… {sigh}

  5. Great photos, Matt! I really like how you’ve chosen several pictures where the color in question isn’t the most common color but still manages to be the real attention-getter.

  6. Matt, you have captured the beauty and essence of the global color spectrum. However, being from St. kitts myself, I seem to have no other choice but to be biased and say Yellow was the most captivating to me. Great job!

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