Macaron Love – How the French Stole My Sweet Tooth


I didn’t actually know what a macaroon was before my first, succulent bite. I imagined a dense cookie with chocolate and coconut, and certainly not the delicate pastry that has captured the culinary hearts of millions around the world.

The macaron is a sweet confectionery filled with butter cream or jam sandwiched between two cookies. The small cookies are light, airy and come in a variety of flavors. I first laid eyes on this delicious and somewhat addictive snack in Melbourne, Australia on a walking tour of the city. Macaroons are on their way to being a city-wide obsession, replacing the cupcake as the trendy pastry du jour. It just took one macaron, of the raspberry variety, to completely win me over.


Improbably delicate, too firm of a touch will crack the outer shell, the interior of the macaroon is soft and moist, filled with any of hundreds of different flavors. We returned to the macaroon-only shop later that day and bought a supply that would keep us in French confection heaven for at least a week. (You know, in case of emergency) They were gone in just a few hours.

I next ran into my new pastry friend while on a Context walking tour highlighting the foodie side of Paris. It was just a few days before Christmas and the pastry shops were working overtime to satisfy the throngs of holiday shoppers buying special treats for parties and family gatherings. Beautiful window displays of macaron pyramids in shimmering silver and gold were the norm, and thousands of rows of macarons in every color and even size imaginable were the most common purchase.



If I thought the Australian variety was good, the true French macaron put them to shame. Firm but delicate, soft and moist with an instant explosion of flavor upon that first bite all combined to make the perfect macaroon. That’s not to say other cities haven’t mastered the art as well. In Brussels the high end chocolatier and confectionery master Pierre Marcolini has created 25 flavors of macaroon including some unusual choices like the Cuba Libre (Dark rum and Coca-Cola) and Thé Vert (Ganache made from Matcha green tea). Yeah, we bought a box there too.

I’m sure they’re laden with tons of calories and are probably horrible for one’s health, but the allure of the macaron is strong and I soon found out that it’s impossible to eat just one. I just hope they make their way to my town soon, getting tired of all of those cupcake shops.

What’s your favorite dessert or snack you’ve found on your travels?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

12 thoughts on “Macaron Love – How the French Stole My Sweet Tooth”

  1. No way!! I mean, it’s chock full of almond flour and egg whites…and maybe a teeeeeeensy bit of sugar. This has got to be good for you, right??? I just wish they weren’t so flipping expensive!!! they’re one of my most favorite cookies and most challenging to make!

  2. Oh, I never tire of macarons, they’re so delicious. Another pastry trend in France is mini choux-buns in different flavours. Popelini in Paris is great for these (reviewed on my blog), it’s a really cute shop and worth a visit.

  3. Wow, those sound amazing! I’ve seen them around, but never have been tempted to taste them. Thanks to your post I can now say that has changed… :)

  4. It’s so cute to me to see people trying their first macaron :) I’m not a HUGE fan though it’s possibly because the city is saturated with them but I appreciate the aesthetic and the work that goes into making them (they’re challenging!). Funny, I JUST did the Context Travel Baguette to Bistro tour two weekends ago (my recap here: and adored it. Looks like you had Barbra Austin as your docent? She’s wonderful.

    Lovely macaron photos – maybe next time you’re passing through Paris we can grab a coffee + a macaron!

    1. Yup, we had Barbra and thought she did a wonderful job. Such a fun tour, I really recommend it highly. And definitely, next time we’re in Paris we’ll enjoy a cafe et un macaron :)

  5. Have you tried The Sweet Lobby yet? They have macarons in all different flavors. It’s on Barracks Row. I haven’t gone over there yet. I went last Sunday but they were closed!

  6. I’d never tried a macaron until I moved to Paris either, and now I’m obsessed with them! There’s a Pierre Hermé boutique in my neighborhood and it’s so hard not to go in every day!

  7. Macarons rank pretty high on my list of sweet discoveries abroad. But I don’t think I could choose between that, crème brûlée, scones and clotted cream, baklavas, tiramisu… to many to remember!

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