UPDATED: Travel Dogs – My Favorite Dogs From Around the World

Even if you’re an infrequent reader of LandLopers, the fact that I am a huge dog lover will come as no surprise. I’ve always loved dogs, all animals really, and have three rescued pups living with me now, with the possibility of a fourth always hovering on the horizon. When I travel I usually miss my dogs terribly and seek out other canines to visit in order to fill some primal need for puppy attention. Here are some of the cutest dogs I have met on my worldwide travels.

Dogs world
Lemon Orchard, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Dogs world
Soi Dog, Bangok Thailand
dogs world
Santorini, Greece
Maryland Dog
dogs world
Petra, Jordan
dogs world
Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv Israel
Dogs world
Puppy with Greek Soldier

Watching ice skaters in Brussels

Cattle dog in Mexico

Dingo in Australia
dogs world
Maryland, United States


By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

12 thoughts on “UPDATED: Travel Dogs – My Favorite Dogs From Around the World”

  1. I so understand what you mean! I was on the road almost constantly until my Dutch shepherd, Beowulf, came into my life. I’m going on my first ‘extended’ trip in November to Vietnam for three weeks – I’ve never left him in the kennel that long and I’m anxious. But a traveler/travel writer can’t exactly stay put without looking for a new line of work…

    1. It’s not easy, but as long as you find the right place to board him you’ll feel better when you travel. Not all places are made the same though, so be sure to research.

  2. Such pretty puppies! That’s so funny, I was just going through my folders of photos the other day and thinking “I meet a lot of dogs….” haha

  3. I always want to help the dogs, but I don’t know what to do… Poor things! I have some good pics of dogs on the beaches in Honduras. There were so few people on the Pacific coast beaches, it felt like just me and the dogs!

    1. Most countries have at least one non profit organization that works to help homeless animals. I try to find them when I travel and donate either time or money.

  4. We too are dog lovers and wonder how we’ll feel on the road leaving our pups at home. We can usually be gone 10 days and not feel a twang of guilt. Two weeks at a push. (We are lucky to have found a terrific house/dog sitter).

  5. We always do that too; look for some puppy love when we are traveling. I have tons of pictures of dogs in every corner of the world, just like you! For our next really big trip we have decided to take our own dog with us though. Could not imagine leaving her behind. Looking forward to being with her 24 hours/day. Not so sure yet if she feels the same way though… She loves her peace and quiet!!

  6. Loved this, Matt. Will be getting my own new puppy at the end of July (a red Cocker Spaniel) and will be interesting to see how having a dog in Spain compares to back home in Scotland. I’ve been quite shocked at the local pet shops here, the fact that they have puppies and kittens behind glass cages – you never see cats and dogs being sold like this in the UK. Seeing how people from different cultures treat animals sometimes is really distressing. Guess it’s all part of travel.

  7. Those are some very cute canines. Unfortunately, many of the dogs I’ve met on my travels have had a seriously bad case of scabies. My favourite dog ever was one at my hostel in Tanzania, which actually said ‘hello’ one evening! Ok, so it was a whine that sounded a lot like a ‘hello’, but it was eerily convincing.

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