The Last Post of 2011 Travel Bests and Worsts I Will Ever Write

I know what you’re thinking, yet another “Best of 2011” post? I realize that I did a whole series on the topic as did every mainstream paper, magazine, TV show and of course blogger. That being said, I was tagged by a fellow travel blogger to participate in this round robin post, similar to this post I wrote: Easy as 123 – My ABCs of Travel.

However, the bloggers in question, the Traveling Canucks, are great people and this sounded like fun. So, without further ado, here are my favorite travel memories of 2011.


Best Domestic Travel Destination

This is a tough one since I really don’t travel domestically all that often. But I was able to spend some time in a few great American travel destinations, including my favorite – Lanai, Hawaii. This is why I love Lanai so much:


Wadi Rum, Jordan

Best Travel Experience

As I outlined in this post from last week, spending time in Wadi Rum in Jordan was my favorite travel experience of the year. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a true world treasure and spending the night in a Bedouin camp is something I will always remember.


West Coast Drive New Zealand

Best International Destination

I struggled with this superlative, mostly because I visited a lot of great travel destinations in 2011. Ultimately though, I just had to go with my heart and pick New Zealand. This post explains why I chose New Zealand as my favorite 2011 destination and the posts below expound on its allure.


Petra Mountains

Worst Travel Experience

2011 was overall a great travel year and fortunately disaster didn’t rear its ugly head (knock on wood). That being said, I don’t always love every travel experience, and here are a few that didn’t sit well with me this year.

St Kitts Volcano Climb


Most Embarrassing Travel Moment

Not surprisingly this event also made my Travel Worst list, and deservedly so. The volcano hike in St. Kitts seemed promising, but in the end it was a long slog that left both me and my camera broken. Yes, the views were beautiful, but I turned into a pathetic mess on the way down, and THAT is my most embarrassing travel moment of 2011.

Paying the Price for Lunch on a Volcano in St. Kitts


The Rotunda at the University of Virginia

Best Local Destination

Living in Washington, DC, there is no shortage of fodder for this category. Instead of picking one of the myriad museums or attractions, I want to look beyond DC to one of the many great day trips in the region – Charlottesville, Virginia. Here’s why I enjoy spending a long weekend in Mr. Jefferson’s city.


Best Travel Lesson

I’m opinionated and ofttimes too vehement in those opinions. This year taught me to stop prejudging destinations and to go wherever I may have the opportunity. Until recently, the Middle East never appealed to me for travel, but that changed quickly with trips to both Israel and Jordan. Now the region is one of my favorites, and I’m looking forward to exploring it further. Here are some reasons why I love traveling in the Middle East.


And that’s it! These are the 5 travel bloggers I would like to see complete their own version of the Best of Travel 2011 (here are the rules).

Twenty-Something Travel
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What were your travel favorites of 2011?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

8 thoughts on “The Last Post of 2011 Travel Bests and Worsts I Will Ever Write”

  1. Matt, you and I are alike in some ways – we don’t hold back on what we think to the point of being a little judgmental and very honest (maybe too honest at time)! :) You had a number of great adventures this year and I definitely like how you tell people what you really thought of a place. My favorite domestic destination this year was close to DC – Annapolis. I realize how much of my own country I still have left to explore and how great destinations can be when you have no expectations.

    1. LOL, thanks Jeremy, I think it’s important to give my readers the real scoop. It’s easy to say something great, which it usually is, but harder to point out the hard truths. And I wish you’d told me you were in Annapolis! I live 30 minutes away in Maryland.

      1. Actually, I knew you were in the DC area but completely forgot. I was there December 7 – 12 but I was so busy. These trips are the most exhausting ones I’ve ever done – but a lot of fun. I may get back there to do the University of Maryland and if I do I will let you know. :)

  2. Ha! Interesting to see you had a similar SCUBA experience to me.

    Good post. I found it useful as a recap over all the content you’ve posted over the last year. These round robin things seem to stick for a reason.

    If I come anything close to producing this amount of content and travelling as much as you did in 2011 I’ll be a very happy man!

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