Four Travel Styles Everyone Has to Try Once

There are people whose sole career is to write about exciting and unique experiences travelers just ‘have’ to try. They’re usually right, but many times travel is more than just about specific destinations, it’s about experiences that can be done all around the world.  Here are four of my favorite travel styles everyone has to try at least once.

Pacific Coast Highway
1. A Great Drive – This is something which I have only recently begun to appreciate, but is truly one of those travel activities everyone has to try. I’m not talking about mindless, interstate driving across country, hour after hour of mind numbingly dull highways. No, I’m talking about exciting, beautiful, classic driving routes. Here in the US, Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, in California is one such drive. Starting in Dana Point and ending in Leggett, California, this isn’t a generic trip. The drive along the California coast line is an event unto itself deserving of plenty of time to stop and explore.

travel style

2. Solo Travel – Although I’ve written about the fact that I wouldn’t choose solo travel for every trip, it does has its place and can be a lot of fun. Travel is about education and learning about people around the world. It’s also about introspection and learning more about ourselves. Nothing allows for either type of education quite like solo travel. Some of the most interesting people I have met traveling has been as a result of being alone. Had I been traveling as a couple of group, I wouldn’t have sought conversations with these new friends. Solo travel is also incredibly liberating and satisfying. It’s great to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want without worrying about a travel partner. It’s also a terrific self-esteem boost to prove to yourself that you can handle yourself no matter where you go.

Epic train trip travel style

3. Epic Train Trip – One of the great romantic travel notions is en epic train trip. While modern train travel may have lost some of its Edwardian grandeur, there are still train routes which themselves are the attraction. One such journey is the TranzAlpine in New Zealand. Located on the South Island, this classic train journey starts in Christchurch and traverses the stunning Southern Alps to its final destination in Greymouth on the West Coast. This four hour trip features amazing views of the mountain ranges and serves as the best introduction to the stunning beauty of the region. Be sure to go in winter when snow graces the mountaintops.

Four Seasons Manele Bay

4. Luxury travel – Most people don’t have the resources to fly business class or stay in the Presidential Suite of a great luxury hotel all the time, but luxury travel is an experience well worth the splurge at least once. Even the most hardened traveler can’t help but smile when they first see their supersized business class seat on a long-haul flight. Rather than scowl at The Others who inhabit these prized spots on your way to Coach, find a way to enjoy the comfort and service of luxury flying. Believe me, there’s nothing quite like it. Also make sure to really pamper yourself at one of the great hotels of the world. It’s easy to say that hotels are just a place to sleep, but we all know that’s not true. Hotels are a vital part of any trip, and the opportunity to enjoy a truly great one is a travel experience not to be missed.

What are some of your favorite styles of travel?

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

25 thoughts on “Four Travel Styles Everyone Has to Try Once”

  1. Would you consider the Shinkansen (ie. Tokyo to Hiroshima) as epic? Not the grand, romantic epic train trip on an Edwardian coach, but the train itself is the attraction for some…

    I Love the great drives one, especially in Europe. So many great drive options there, such as the Corniches between Nice and Monte Carlo, or most highways in the Swiss Alps…

  2. havent done #1 and #4… before i left to backpack me and my friends were planning to have a vacation at Bulgari Hotel in Bali (they were supposed to treat me)… but changed plans after I quitted my job to backpack :-)

  3. I do agree with you that everyone should try different travel styles sometime in their life. Great list. I have taken some great road trips but am always up for another! Can’t beat Hwy 1 in good ole Cali. The luxury train is definitely on my list and although I don’t get to do it very often, luxury is always a great splurge :) Solo travel gives you a whole new perspective about yourself. Can’t beat it.

  4. I get to experience luxury travel for the first time with the trip I just won to Maui. I am looking forward to checking out the resorts I will be staying at. It’s definitely a different kind of travel….I love solo travel, and I love a good road trip. I’ve done Hwy 1 from SFO to Santa Barbara and it was AMAZING! I haven’t done the epic train trip yet…..hmmmm, I need to look into that!

  5. I think I’ve done all of those. But here’s another idea for the epic train trip – how about the Indian Pacific train trip from Perth to Sydney across Australia’s Nullabor desert. I did it many years ago in the 80s as a backpacker.

    1. Would LOVE to do that, would also love to take the Ghan. I’ll be in Oz soon, but sadly not enough time for one of the great train trips. :(

  6. I’ve done several solo trips and it’s still my favourite way to travel. I wish more people would realized they don’t “need” to travel with someone all the time. Everyone should do a solo trip at least once. I’d love to do an epic train trip. The mini train at the local zoo was fun, but not really epic.

  7. I always prefer long drive with my hubby in natural surrounding. Beside this, I always prefer train instead of plane as public transport for traveling. When you travel by plan you can see only clouds but in train you can feel the aesthetic beauty of your surrounding very closely.

  8. Couldn’t agree more about traveling alone. Not for every time or everyone, but rarely when I travel by myself do I spend all the time alone…unless I want to. One of the joys of it are the wonderful, kind people I meet along the way. I’ve had lovely long talks on trains, actually!

    And, the Blue Ridge Parkway…one of the best drives ever.

  9. I am learning to accept luxury travel with the wife, fortunately she doesn’t travel a great deal. :)

    I usually lug my brother-in-law for Peace Corps style budget travel. Enjoying street food in and around bus stations and getting off the beaten track.

    Must agree with CJ the Blue Ridge Parkway in any October is incredible.

  10. I found that South Korea was a great place to experience luxury travel without having to spend a bundle. For an extra $20-$30, most of the motels have some truly spectacular rooms. I’ve seen rooms with pool tables, ones with a hot tub in the room, even one with a telescope! Even the generic rooms, with their 6ft plasma screen TVs, double-showers, computer-controlled electronics, and gigantic beds felt much more luxurious than I’m used to, all for about $40!

  11. The only one I haven’t done is #2, I think.

    We’ve driven around Oahu, and saw really nice sights. Though it’s not like that long drive across the whole of United States. Driving through provinces of the Luzon, Philippines also checked!

    Train ride, only a shinkansen ride from Kyoto to Osaka. But I did get to see a really nice sunset. Though I still want to travel by train around Europe!

    Luxury travel. Haven’t stayed in a quite, but we sometimes splurge on food and shopping.

    Does these count? :D

  12. I agree with all of these! I used to live very close to the Pacific Coast Highway, and would often just go for a drive because the scenery never failed to blow me away. We don’t do luxury travel too often, but we do save room in our budget to really splurge sometimes, and those have been some of our best memories.

  13. The only one I haven’t done is #4! And as a Social Worker by trade, I cannot imagine having the coin to do it properly, but you never know!

    You are spot on with the train and roadtripping – must be done! Amazing ways to experience somewhere new!

  14. I have done all of these, what do I win?!!!!

    Personally my favorite is the drive. In fact I drove home to San Diego from TBEX in Keystone this year. We went to Mesa Verde in Southern Colorado, Four Corners, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Saint George Utah.

    Awesome scenery!

    1. I’ve really only recently started to appreciate the value of a nice drive and I would love to drive through the Southwest sometimes, I bet it’s gorgeous

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