Trekking Through Jordan – The Itinerary

wadi rum

A couple of months ago I received an unexpected email from the fine people at the Jordan Tourism Board. They asked several travel bloggers to visit Jordan at various times to experience the country and share it with the world. Lucky for me they asked me to participate. On Friday, May 20th I will be boarding a 9:45 PM Royal Jordanian flight to Amman to begin my exploration of the ancient and beautiful country of Jordan.

I will be posting daily photo highlights during the trip, as access to wifi allows, and sharing first impressions with everyone via, Twitter and Facebook. My itinerary is below and I hope you all will join me on this exciting adventure.

Day 1 – Amman and the Desert Castles
I arrive late in the day on Saturday, so Sunday will be my first day of adventure. I begin the day by driving out to the mysterious desert castles. Found in the black basalt desert east of Amman, these ancient fortresses are a testament to the might of the early Umayyads. After exploring the fortresses, I will then drive back to Amman for some urban sightseeing around the capital city.

Day 2 – Dana and Petra

The Dana Nature Reserve is the largest in Jordan and features amazingly diverse ecosystems in addition to archeological wonders. I’ll spend the first part of the day exploring the area on foot, the best way to experience it. Afterwards, I will continue on to Petra, where my first look at this Wonder of the World will be at night.

Day 3 – Petra and Wadi Rum
After spending the night near Petra, I will visit this iconic site in the morning before continuing on to Wadi Rum. Made famous in Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Wadi Rum is a series of striking desert valleys that offer a look into the ‘real’ desert of Jordan. I will spend the night there for a once in a lifetime desert experience.

Day 4 – Aqaba and the Red Sea
Part resort and part urban oasis, Aqaba is one of the most important cities in Jordan. I begin the day by snorkeling in the Red Sea, hopefully marveling at its famous underwater sights. After some beach time, I will then set out to explore the city of Aqaba itself.

Day 5 – Kerak, Madaba, Nebo and Ma’In
Kerak was a special request I made so that I could explore the famous Crusader castles found there. I then travel on to Madaba, home of the famous mosaic map and Mt. Nebo, where Moses espied the Promised Land.

Day 6 – Jerash and the Dead Sea
After spending the evening in Ma’In, I will then visit the Roman city of Jerash and hopefully get some views of the Sea of Galilee in the distance. Then it’s on to the Dead Sea for some relaxation, mud therapy and of course floating.

Day 7 – Dead Sea and Bethany-Beyond-The-Jordan
On my last full day in Jordan, I will spend more time exploring the Dead Sea area, hiking along the trails near the natural wonder. Then I travel on to the site where John the Baptist spread the Word, where Jesus was baptized and the original apostles met. Bethany-Beyond-The-Jordan is one of the most important sites in the development of the Christian faith.

The next day I fly back home, undoubtedly tired but full of great travel memories. I hope you’ll follow along as I visit Jordan and please let me know if there’s anything you want to know about or think I should do!

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

9 thoughts on “Trekking Through Jordan – The Itinerary”

  1. Beautiful photos and I’m sure it was just an incredible experience. Here’s hoping I get such an unexpected e-mail some day.

    1. Thanks Michael and thank you for supplying the great photos. The problem of not having Jordan photos will soon be rectified.

  2. Matt, that sounds like a fantastic journey. I’ve always wanted to go to Jordan ever since seeing Petra featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I was a kid. Have a great time!

  3. Matt, this trip sounds amazing and you are so very fortunate to be selected to journey to an amazing part of the world. I am really looking forward to seeing your posts and pics throughout your adventure.

    Shall I call you Indy?

    Take care, God’s speed and safe travels my friend!!

  4. We visited Petra a few years ago – it was wonderful!
    We were coming from Eilat. As Israelis we were a little hestiant about the type of welcome we would receive.
    The guards at the border were not pleasant. They demanded that I remove my Kippa – skullcap worn by religious Jewish men. They told me that they could not guarantee my safety if I did not. I replied that I trusted the hospitality of the Jordanian people and the protection of His Majesty’s forces. No go. I found a cap and put it on.
    When we were actually in Jordan the people we met were charming. In Petra, a Bedouin addressed me in good Hebrew and claimed that he had visited Tel Aviv a number of times. He even recited a poem in Hebrew – “The Red Rock” about young Israelis who sneaked across the border to visit Petra in the 50’s.When we were about to leave Petra, some Bedouin fellows asked me to pray in Jerusalem for rain for them as well.
    Note: You need a Jordanian guide to visit Petra. We went with a tour bus from Eilat, crossd the border and passport control by foot, and a Jordanian bus with a guide took us from there. Our guide spoke good English, although his pronounciation amused my kids no end ,and we were treated with imitations for months. I’m not sure if individuals can rent cars or take public buses on their own.
    I’d love to visit Jordan again – next time maybe Jerash. I hear that it is possible to climb Nabi Haroun – the mountain where the Biblical Aaron was buried as well.

  5. This is a perfect replica of the trip I made in 2007 it is an amazing journey, but don’t miss out the amphitheatre in Amman or the museum housing the bronzed Dead Sea scrolls also in Amman. Though the highlight for me was bathing in the Dead Sea, albeit my Jordanian guide couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to swim in the Amman water park over looking it!
    I look forward to reliving my journey through yours. Thank you. Stephen

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