LandLopers Selected for Lanaʻi Visitor’s Bureau New-Media-Artist-in-Residence Program

Lana'i City

Last week I received a rather cryptic note on my Facebook page asking me to contact the sender about a new program she was developing. Little did I realize that this innocent note would lead to my involvement in an exciting and extremely innovative new travel campaign.

In a demonstration of both the aloha spirit and a refreshing grasp of the Lanai Hawaii's Most Enticing Islandimportance of technology and social media, the Lanaʻi Visitor’s Bureau has launched the New Media Artist-in-Residence Program.

This program will include up to 7 travel bloggers and podcasters who will each visit Lanaʻi at different times over a six-month period and tell their own personal stories about this unique island. When we are not traveling or telling our own stories, we will be supporting each other and highlighting the articles, videos and podcasts of our fellow new media artists.

The goal of the initiative is simple: to get beneath the skin of Lanaʻi and to share the hidden secrets and adventures on this beautiful and unspoiled island.

I was fortunate enough to visit Lanaʻi just a few months ago, on the recommendation of some friends. Although our time on the island was short, its impact was enormous. Almost instantly we fell in love with Lanaʻi, its people, its culture and of course the natural splendors found there. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to return and to delve even deeper into the stories on Lanaʻi.

This trip is sponsored by the Lanaʻi Visitors Bureau but, as with other sponsored trips, my thoughts and opinions will most certainly be my own. By this time, you all should know that I have no problem speaking my mind when things go well and when they do not. (Lentil torture anyone?)

Even though I won’t be returning to Lanaʻi until February or March, I will be actively supporting fellow participants during their adventures. Hopefully this will keep the unique aloha spirit found only on Lanaʻi a constant theme in the travel blogosphere.

Joining me in the New Media Artist-in-Residence Program are:

Chris Gray FaustChris Around the World
Follow Chris on Twitter

Gary ArndtEverything Everwhere
Follow Gary on Twitter

Shannon Hurst LaneTraveling Mamas
Follow Shannon on Twitter

Sheila BealGo Visit Hawaii
Follow Sheila on Twitter

As you can see, it’s an exciting group and I am certain that our different travel perspectives will bring to light many unique corners of Lanaʻi.

I hope you will enjoy the virtual trip to Lanaʻi that you all will be taking with me and I promise that by the end of the adventure you will be just as captivated by the island of Lanaʻi as I am.

In addition to following all of the New Media Artists, please be sure to check out the Lanaʻi Web Site and follow them on Twitter! The hastag to look out for is #VisitLanai.

Lanai Hawaii's Most Enticing Island

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

14 thoughts on “LandLopers Selected for Lanaʻi Visitor’s Bureau New-Media-Artist-in-Residence Program”

  1. I’ll be really, really interested to read how one can do Lanai on a budget. I thought all the hotels there were insanely expensive. Will you be camping out? I’d think that’s the only way to do it from your budget perspective.

  2. Thanks all!

    JT – Absolutely you can do Lana’i affordably! We did last time we were there. I’m all about traveling affordably, but also comfortably. No hostels for us, but nothing super posh either. Middle of the road hotels are the norm for us usually. I’ll be detailing why the hotels on Lana’i are real Hawaiian bargains soon.

  3. Fascinating! How did you do it?

    We were invited to a wedding there, and I was shocked to find that there are only, what, 2 hotels on the island (or is it 3; I remember that they were Four Season hotels). And all were charging about $600 a night, minimum, maybe more (its been a while). Far more than we could afford, so we begged off the wedding.

    This was only a year ago, so I’m surprised to hear things have gotten so much better and more affordable. Will be looking forward to reading your posts. As a budget traveler, I never spend more than $140 or so a night, and that didn’t look doable on Lanaii.

  4. Aloha Matt and mahalo for the mention!

    I can tell from reading this post that you are truly excited to return to Lana’i. I only wish we could be there at the same time to exchange travel tales.

    I’ll look forward to reading your insights about Lana’i and supporting you along the way.

    Wishing you very happy and safe travels!

  5. Thanks Sheila! Looking forward to reading about your experiences as well.

    JT – Well I hate to burn through my Lanai fodder before my trip, but I see a Budget Travel Case Study: Lana’i is in order. I’ll work on it over the weekend and have it up next week. Thanks so much for following and asking these great questions!

  6. Wow, very cool opportunity. I can’t say I’m not really, really jealous. I’m looking forward to seeing this whole series unfold. Never been to Hawaii, but it’s inching up the list more and more. Congratulations!

  7. Matt! I lOVE the excited and heartfelt buzz you have already launched! It was music to my ears when you opened with “In a demonstration of both the aloha spirit and a refreshing grasp of the importance of technology and social media, the Lanaʻi Visitor’s Bureau has launched the New Media Artist-in-Residence Program.”

    I do hope your readers will follow the hashtag #VisitLanai to join the conversation with all of the artists and to follow @VisitLanai on Twitter for additional updates.

  8. Congrats! In my city (Graz, Austria) there is also a writer in residence program but that one is only for authors of books. I love the idea there are also programs for new media artists now.

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