Travel Photos – Ayr, Scotland

Ayr Scotland

Ayr, Scotland


My stay in Ayr was brief; it was a pit stop on my way up the Scottish coast. But the beauty of this charming area cannot be denied. The Ayr Youth Hostel (pictured above) was an amazing opportunity to stay in a remarkable building. However, I recently learned that the youth hostel closed a few years ago. Even if you can’t stay in this castle, there are many other great lodging choices in Ayrshire.

While visiting this coastal community, be sure to check out the amazing views of the Firth of Clyde and the Irish Sea. If you are a golfer, then Troon is a must see course.  Troon on the coast has hosted the British Open Golf Championship twice in the last seven years and eight times in total.


View from Ayr - Irish Sea
View from Ayr - Irish Sea
View from Ayr - Firth of Clyde
View from Ayr - Firth of Clyde

By: Matt Long

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6 thoughts on “Travel Photos – Ayr, Scotland”

    1. the scottish put a twang on it …but to anyone in england its ” Air ” …typical english lanquage ….spelt different to how its pronounced !!

  1. “Sounds like a groan to me” nice description of the Scottish accent. I’m from Glasgow so the accent is more like a grunt ;)

  2. Scotland has such awesome architecture – makes you think of Braveheart! Cool photo – how awesome would it be to stay in that hostel!

  3. Cam – It was an awesome place to stay. Scotland has/had several hostels in really gorgeous buildings. When I was there, I was in a bunk room but there was only one other person there and I think I paid around $17 or so for the night. (don’t quote me on that, it was 12 years ago LOL)

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