Leaving the Island and Traveling the World With LOST

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Since the first episode of LOST premiered on September 22, 2004, viewers from around the world have been captivated not only with the storyline, but with the destinations featured. While most of the episodes have centered around the mysterious, moving island (actually filmed in Hawaii), loyal fans have also seen some other remarkable locales.

090916 DOUZ (46)

Tunisia is one of the more mysterious destinations in LOST, primarily because it has never been completely explained how characters end up in the desert. Viewers have seen Tunisia depicted several times on the show, usually as the result of turning the now infamous donkey wheel.

Three locations in Tunisia have been featured on the show: the Sahara Desert, Tozeur and Medenine. To recreate your own LOST moments, there are many self guided or small group tours available, but make sure your desert travels encompass these sites.

  • El Djem – Home to some of the most impressive Roman remains in Africa, the amphitheater here was the largest outside of Rome. A UNESCO World Heritage site, a visit here is a must for anyone passionate about history.
  • Chott el Djerid – While labeled a salt lake, Chott el Djerid is more of a salt pan. However, it is worth a visit when staying in the nearby towns of Kebili and Douz.
  • Desert adventures – Using Douz as a base camp, take either a day trip or an overnight merhari camping adventure into the Tunisian Sahara. There are many great resorts and hotels nearby to rest after a long day in the desert.


Tenerife is known to LOST fans as the home of the mysterious Richard Alpert, caretaker and aid to the even more mysterious Jacob.  Tenerife, located off the northwest coast of Africa, is the largest of the Canary Islands and is Spain’s most populous island.

Tenerife is unique as it offers the visitor both tranquil beaches as well as snowy mountain peaks. Beyond sunbathing, there are lots of activities for the average tourist including:

  • Loro Parque – originally devoted to Parrots, this outdoor area offers a variety of experiences including a dolphin show and a shark tunnel.
  • Puerto de la Cruz – a classic resort town, this is a great place to take in the stunning views, window shop and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Lyon Arboretum Trip

No review of LOST destinations would be complete without a trip to the set – Hawaii.  Even though much of the show is actually filmed on a private reserve on Oahu’s North Shore, there are plenty of places on the island used by the show’s producers where the average fan can go to recreate their favorite LOST moments.

  • Kualoa Ranch – this 4,000 acre working cattle ranch gives visitors a remarkable variety of adventure tour options, including horseback riding and ATV tours through the ranch’s jaw-droppingly beautiful terrain.
  • Old Pali Road – Not far from Waikiki, this hiking trail is a great day trip from the big city and showcases Hawaii’s natural beauty at its best.
  • Waimea Falls Park – Located near LOST’s primary shooting location on Oahu’s North Shore, this 1,800 acre historical nature park is a unique, day long adventure. At the park’s focal point, the 45-foot high Waimea Falls, you can still find cliff divers masterfully negotiating the slippery rocks.

By: Matt Long

Matt has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

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  1. Awesome. As a total LOST geek, I would definitely visit some of these places for LOST reasons only. Not sure if I could talk my wife into going to Hawaii and spending a day dorking it up to LOST stuff.

  2. Ha! Same here, but I thought the places were pretty cool. Many films have actually been filmed in these areas of Tunisia, including Star Wars. And be on the lookout in the next year or two for LOST tours in Hawaii. They are bound to start soon.

    1. Put me down for one of those Lost tours. Don’t you just love the scenery? It’s good to be seeing it again now on Hawaii five -0

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