Travel Photo – Island of Delos, Greece

Island of Delos

Island of Delos

A holy sanctuary for millennia, Delos is the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis which made this an important pilgrimage site for ancient Greeks. Not only a sacred religious destination, Delos was also an equally important financial and political center. The Delian League, whose name is derived from the island, was an alliance of city-states formed to guard against Persian attacks. This loose alliance became an economic powerhouse and quickly turned into an empire.

Boats to this UNESCO World Heritage site leave from Mykonos several times a day for about 12 Euro per person.

By: Matt Long

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  1. Mykonos is a place that is so beautiful! Delos is one of those that deserves someone to visit by going to Mykonos! It is nice to co-operate with a walk, rent a boat in Mykonos and boating! But surely, Mykonos is one of the islands that there are things to do!

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