Travel News: October 31, 2019

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Trump Administration Deals Another Devastating Blow to Cuban Travel
Travel Pulse

Effectively putting another nail in the coffin for Cuban travel, the Trump administration has just announced that it will prohibit flights between the United States and cities in Cuba with the exception of Havana.

The new order from the administration, the latest in a series of efforts to all but eliminate travel to the island, calls for a 45-day period to wind down flights to non-Havana destinations in Cuba, which currently includes Santiago, Varadero and Santa Clara, among others.


G Adventures, Intrepid Travel pursue older travelers
Travel Weekly

When Ben Perlo joined G Adventures as managing director for the U.S. and Latin America six years ago, one of his charges was to expand the company’s customer base beyond its traditional under-30 backpacking crowd.

With a background that included stints at Grand Circle Travel and Vantage River Cruises, companies geared specifically for the 50-plus crowd, he said he knew it could be done.


Southwest Is Latest to Remove Expiration Dates From Frequent Flyer Miles

The largest low-cost carrier in the United States is changing the way that its passengers save frequent flyer miles. Members of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program starting this month will now be able to hold onto miles indefinitely with no set expiration date. By extension, the change will allow passengers who travel less frequently to accrue larger balances over time without the risk of miles expiring due to inactivity.


United Airlines in early talks with Apple to revamp San Francisco airport terminal

United Airlines is planning to team with Apple to revamp the carrier’s terminal at San Francisco International Airport, United’s chief digital officer said Friday.

Apple employees have visited the airline’s baggage hold, customer service facilities and other areas in recent months, and the partnership could “transform the way the airport experience is going to look,” United’s Linda Jojo told reporters at a company event in Chicago.

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