Travel News: October 23, 2019

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FBI finds no connection with tourist deaths in D.R.
Travel Weekly

The FBI has uncovered no connection with a cluster of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic, supporting the country’s position that the deaths were coincidental.

The FBI released the results of its investigation to the Dominican Republic.


Hamburg Airport Reopens After World War II Bomb Defused
Travel Pulse

Almost 75 years after the end of World War II, relics and weapons are still being found across Europe.

And one of them shut down an entire airport.

Experts were brought in Tuesday to defuse a World War II-era bomb that shut down the international airport in Hamburg, Germany, for almost three hours.


Rugby World Cup Serves as Tourism Warm-Up for Japan’s 2020 Olympics Push

When you think of the sport of rugby, Japan is generally not the first nation that comes to mind. But by serving as the first Asian host nation of a Rugby World Cup tournament, changing perceptions is exactly what Japan aims to do.

The ongoing World Cup, which will culminate in Yokohama on Nov. 2, is the first of a slew of massive world events in the coming months and years — the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the World Masters Games in 2021, and the World Expo 2025 — which are intended to help broaden the appeal of Japan’s tourism offering and serve as an invitation to the world. In 2016, the nation set a target to welcome 40 million visitors in 2020, an achievement that would mean Japan doubles its 2015 arrivals level in just five years. In August, before the Rugby World Cup began, Japan had welcomed 22 million visitors thus far in 2019.


Proposal seeks to modernize campgrounds at national parks
Travel Weekly

Food trucks. Wi-Fi. Hot showers.

Those campground upgrades could be coming to a national park near you.

The Interior Department is reviewing recommendations to modernize campgrounds at national parks. The recommendations posted online this week come from an advisory committee created under former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that has been looking at ways for private businesses to operate on public lands.

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