Travel News: October 17, 2019

Young kids backpackers Dubrovnik Croatia

Millennials say they work to pay the bills — but also because they want to travel
Business Insider

According to data from job search site FlexJobs, most millennials are motivated to work in order to pay for basic necessities and to earn money to travel, more so than making money to pay off debt or save for retirement.

FlexJobs surveyed 1,600 millennials and found that while 83% of millennials said a primary reason for working was to cover basic expenses, 63% said traveling was a primary reason. That’s compared to 51% of millennials who said paying off debt was their primary motivator for working, while 58% said that retirement was important.


Tourists Are Paying People to Scare Pigeons to Get the Perfect Instagram Shot
Travel + Leisure

We’ve all probably scrolled through our Instagram feeds and passed by a well-orchestrated travel photo with just the right colors, right angles, and perfectly “candid but not candid” poses. But have you ever wondered how that photo magic happens?

Well, in the case of people taking pictures of themselves being surrounded by majestic pigeons near Tha Pae Gate, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there’s actually a person with a real “job” to help make those birds flutter around for your ‘Gram.


Ritz-Carlton Names First New Ship Evrima
Cruise Industry News

The first Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection ship will carry the name Evrima, tracing its roots to a name of Greek origin meaning “discovery.”

The name “inspires travelers to immerse themselves in exceptional experiences, explore new destinations and foster the spirit of adventure that makes travel so rewarding,” the company said.


Southwest Airlines pilots don’t expect Boeing 737 Max back until February

The Boeing 737 Max won’t return to service at Southwest Airlines until February at the earliest, the union that represents the airline’s pilots said Monday.

That would be a month later than the low-cost carrier currently expects.

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