Travel News: October 16, 2019

Disneyland California

In-Flight Seatback Screens May Be Going Extinct

In the quest to command higher fares and traveler loyalty, airlines are constantly scrambling to market their onboard services as better than Brand X. These days, one highly visible battleground is directly in front of you: the seatback screen.


Disney Skyliner reopens after malfunction
Travel Weekly

The Disney Skyliner at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando reopened Monday.

The gondola that moves guests between several hotels and the Hollywood Studios and Epcot parks malfunctioned on Oct. 5, stranding guests for hours. It had been closed since then. The Skyliner started operating in September.


UK Committee Suggests Banning Air Mile Rewards to Fight Climate Change
Travel Pulse

A recent report commissioned by the U.K.’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has just been released, which recommends banning airline reward schemes and suggests that they stimulate demand for excessive air travel. It also goes on to propose enacting levies on people who fly too far, too often.

The research itself was conducted by Dr. Richard Carmichael from Imperial College London and, while the CCC didn’t write the report and stated that it doesn’t necessarily agree with all of the outlined recommendations, the findings were used to inform its own report on how to achieve the nation’s Net Zero goals. In June, the U.K. became the world’s first major economy to legally commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 in order to fulfill its obligations under the 2016 Paris Agreement.


Former Nazi Bunker To Open As Luxury Hotel In Hamburg, Germany

The St. Pauli bunker on Feldstraße in Hamburg, Germany was one of two towers created by the Nazi’s for air defense during WWII. During the War, tens of thousands of Hamburg residents found protection against air raids.

Constructed in only 300 days by over 1,000 forced laborers from concentration camps, the bunker was used during the War to launch anti-aircraft fire at allied planes. Reports show that during the bombardments on the city of Hamburg at times up to 30,000 people were sheltered in the bunker.

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