ETW #26 Family Travel Tips: Interview with Heather Greenwood Davis

Whether it’s traveling on a multigenerational trip or taking the kids to the beach, family travel is something most of us will do at some point. This week family travel expert Heather Greenwood Davis joins us to share her expertise.

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Family travel is certainly one of the most common ways to travel, but it may also be one of the least well-understood. Sure, it can mean parents traveling with their toddler, but it’s so much more expansive than that. It’s an adult daughter traveling with her dad, it’s three generations boarding a cruise ship together – really, it’s however you personally define family. To help us improve our own family travel experiences, this week we interview one of the top travel experts on the subject, Heather Greenwood Davis.

This week’s guest

Heather Greenwood Davis is a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler, a feature writer for The Globe and Mail, the resident travel expert on CTV’s national daily talk program The Social and the co-host of Get, Set, Go! on CHCH Morning Live. A freelance writer for more than two decades, she has been writing primarily about family travel for almost 18 years. Heather is also the founder and voice behind – a site that documented her award-winning, yearlong trip around the world with her family including husband, Ish and sons, Ethan and Cameron. The trip won acclaim for the family and they were named National Geographic Traveler’s Travelers of the Year. A popular speaker, she shares travel advice and tips during international keynotes and panels. When not on the go, you can find Heather at home in Toronto.

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