Travel News: July 10, 2019

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Plans Approved for 3,000 Room Hotel in Cancun
Travel Pulse

Government officials in Mexico have approved the preliminary construction plans for a $526 million, 3,000-room hotel in Cancun.

According to Mexico News Daily, the Secretariat of the Environment approved the plans for the Quintana Roo facility last week, dubbed The Gran Island Hotel, which will be built in two stages over three years.


France to introduce eco-tax on airline tickets

French transport minister Elisabeth Borne has disclosed plans for an eco-tax on tickets for flights from the country.

The move comes amid an intensifying debate over whether aviation should continue to benefit from a decades-long exemption on tax on kerosene, given increased awareness of climate change. France is one of the countries pushing the European Union to look at changes to aviation taxation.


Tesla will suggest travel destinations with in-car navigation

Tesla is planning to suggest travel destinations to owners with in-car navigation in an upcoming software update, according to CEO Elon Musk.

As I stated in my Model 3 road trip article today, I think “Tesla Model 3 is the best road trip car.”

We often hear from Tesla owners that the Supercharger network actually drives them to go on road trips more than they would in a regular car, especially since Tesla has been offering unlimited free Supercharging and free Supercharging credits to owners.

Now Tesla is actually planning to suggest some destinations.


Seismic selfies: Massive earthquake surface rupture becomes tourist attraction
Los Angeles Times

Since the Fourth of July, tourists, geologists and students have converged on the once-desolate spot from far and wide, to see the ruptures on Highway 178 caused by last week’s magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 earthquakes. The Grand Canyon this is not — but the cracks were sizable enough to make visitors gape.

Trucks, minivans and sedans slowed down to park on the gravel lining the side of the highway. Families with young children hopped out. Researchers with GPS devices set up their machinery. Others ventured into the brown shrubbery as they followed the surface ruptures into hilly terrain.

By: Matt Long

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