Travel News: June 11, 2019

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US Customs and Border Protection Says Travelers’ Photos Stolen in Data Breach
Travel Pulse

Images of travelers have been compromised as part of a cyber attack that has just been revealed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

Officials declined to reveal how many images were stolen as part of the attack, but the issue is triggering concerns about how federal officials expanding surveillance efforts could impact the privacy of Americans, according to The Washington Post.


United extends use of flight-connection optimizer
Travel Weekly

By fall, United will extend to all hubs its usage of a data tool designed to reduce the number of missed flight connections.

The carrier has also gone live in each of its seven hubs with a tool that sends text messages to connecting customers with clear directions to the gate for their connecting flight and information about how long the walk will take.


Norway’s Lofoten Islands work to ease tourism’s burden on nature

As one Norway’s most beautiful places, the Lofoten Islands attract millions of tourists each year from all around the world. Now those living on the island chain are faced with a question: How can they strike a balance between encouraging tourism and preserving the natural beauty that draws the tourists in the first place?

The islands are dotted with small fishing villages and towered over by majestic mountains. The climate year round is temperate by comparison to the rest of the wintry country and white sand beaches stretch along the coasts. In winter, the islands’ skies are illuminated by the Northern Lights. In short, they are a magnet for tourists wishing to get away from it all.


Those Tiny Hotel Toiletry Bottles Are on Their Way Out
The New York Times

Hotel industry officials say the tiny bottles that squeeze out thick lashings of shampoo, conditioner and body lotions are slowly being replaced by wall-mounted, refillable dispensers.

In what might become the first such state law of its kind, a bill, A.B. 1162, is making its way through the California Legislature that aims to scrap the tiny single-use plastic bottles at hotels and other hospitality establishments. It was passed in the Assembly last week, and has moved to the Senate for committee examination.

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