Travel News: May 28, 2019

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FAA Says Boeing 737 MAX Could Be Ungrounded in June
Travel Pulse

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials speaking to the United Nations Thursday said the ungrounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX fleet could happen as soon as late June.

According to, FAA and Boeing representatives made the announcement during a briefing with members of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) governing council in Montreal.


Sri Lanka Tourism Suffers After Deadly Bombings
Voice of America

The deadly bombings that struck Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday have led many foreign visitors to stay away from the island nation.

The Lonely Planet travel guide named Sri Lanka as its top nation for travelers in 2019. The country is known for its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, wildlife and parks.

But on April 21, more than 250 people were killed in several bomb attacks at hotels and churches. Among the dead were 45 foreigners, including visitors from China, India, the United States and Britain. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

Since the attacks, foreign tourism has dropped sharply.


Historic Boar’s Head Resort Reveals Completed Renovations
Travel Pulse

The historic Boar’s Head Resort, one of the mid-Atlantic region’s most celebrated properties, has completed a multi-million dollar re-imagination of the property, which includes a full renovation of the restaurant, bar, main entrance and lobby. Keeping traditional elements intact, the upgrades provide enhancements that add modern character to the historic inn.


Bullet Train Prepping for Tokyo Olympics Breaks Speed Record

A new model of bullet train set to enter service ahead of the Tokyo Olympics hit a record speed of 360 kilometers (224 miles) per hour in a test run, operator JR Central said.

The N700s — the suffix stands for ‘supreme’ — is the first new model of bullet train on Japan’s busiest line for almost a decade. The train is lighter and uses less energy than current designs, as well as boasting additional safety features in case of earthquakes.

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