ETW #13 Travel Technology: What to Know & What to Ignore

New York City

Technology is a subject that can be daunting, especially in the travel experience. In this week’s episode we invited travel tech expert Dave Dean to share tips about everything from using phones overseas to gadgets and staying safe in an increasingly connected world.

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Even though my job is driven and enabled by technology, I’m definitely no expert when it comes to understanding the latest and greatest innovations. But travel tech is important for all travelers to know more about, no matter your style of travel. Whether it’s avoiding excessive cell phone sarges, finding and using apps to make the travel experience ease or what gadgets are actually worth the money, there’s a lot to keep in mind. To help us better understand what is and is not important, this week I interviewed Dave Dean, founder of the travel tech web site Too Many Adapters, to share his top tips and recommendations.

Dave Dean is a former corporate IT worker turned full-time traveler, writer, and publisher. He is the founder and editor of Too Many Adapters, a site that explores everything you need to know about technology and gear for travel, whether it’s a two-week vacation to Aruba or a year-long trip around the world.You can also find Dave on his other web site What’s Dave Doing?

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

Too Many Adapters – Stay Safe and Secure

Too Many Adapters – Travel Technology Resources

Too Many Adapters – Travel Gear

LandLopers – Travel Apps: What I Really Use When I Travel & Why

By: Matt Long

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