ETW #9 Solo Travel Tips | Interview with Janice Waugh

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One of the major hurdles to traveling more often is fear, and solo travel can be one of the scariest concepts for many would-be travelers. In this podcast we chat with Janice Waugh, a global expert on solo travel and the owner of the Solo Traveler website and society.

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Not so very long ago, if you’d asked me my opinion about solo travel it wouldn’t have been an entirely positive one. For a long time I traveled with other people be it with my partner or part of a group and I honestly never thought of myself as a solo traveler. I always saw them as intrepid backpackers, going around the world on a gap tour or something similar. But of course that’s not reality. No, the reality of travel in 2019 is that more and more of us are solo travelers and as I looked back on the last few years of travel, I suddenly realized that the vast majority of my travels have been as a solo traveler. More than that though, I also realized that some of my most important, most impactful travel experiences have been while I was alone.

Left only with my thoughts and the purity of the moment, there have been some travel experiences that go beyond the norm and have helped shape who I am today.

To help us navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters of solo travel I invited Janice Waugh to be the guest on this week’s podcast.

A love of travel, personal loss, and an empty nest all conspired for Janice to begin Solo Traveler in 2009. Resonating with thousands of readers, the blog quickly went from personal to public. The site, the amazing Solo Travel Society on Facebook with over 240,000 members, the Solo Traveler Advisory and our newsletters that go to a subscriber base of almost 50,000 travelers, the Wits & Wonder Travel Course for solo travelers, speaking gigs, and The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, are how we serve those who love and those who long to go solo. Janice has been quoted in many media outlets including CNN, the Oprah Blog, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and USA Today.

To help plan your own solo travel adventure, here are some of the resources mentioned on this week’s podcast.

The Wits & Wonder Travel Course

Solo Travel Deals

Solo Traveler Newsletter and Advisory of Deals

Solo Travel Awards

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