ETW #3 Disney 2019 Travel Tips | Interview with Sarah Hina

Disneyland California

Top Disney travel tips to help you better plan a Disneyland or Walt Disney World vacation, including what’s new in 2019 from Star Wars to hotels. Interview with Sarah Hina, author of Walt Disney World Step-by-Step 2019.

I enjoyed my first Disney theme park experience just last year and almost immediately I was hooked. There’s something undeniably special about the Disney experience and I enjoyed my first trip so much, I returned just a few months later to see the holiday offerings in Disneyland. To read more about my Disney experiences, please visit the Disney section of LandLopers:

Disney Theme Parks


Disneyland California

Planning a Disney trip though can at times be a little confusing, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why I invited Disney travel adviser and expert Sarah Hina to join the podcast so she could share her top tips and recommendations, as well as fill us in on what’s new in 2019.

Sarah Hina is a writer, photographer and Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with MickeyTravels. As a young girl, she enjoyed her family’s yearly trips to Disneyland so much she couldn’t bear to leave the park at night. Later, as a wife and mother of two kids, her passion for Disney’s storytelling and innovation grew and strengthened through frequent family vacations to Walt Disney World, where she loved rediscovering the magic of Disney’s theme parks through her children’s eyes. Now she’s excited to share her experience with other Walt Disney World guests, in the hopes that her tips and insights will make their Disney memories as special as her own.

You can find Sarah by visiting her web site or on Twitter and Instagram. You can also get a copy of her book, Walt Disney World Step-by-Step 2019: A Common-Sense Planning Guide here on Amazon.

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