Travel News: January 10, 2019

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Crystal campaign focuses on personal experiences
Travel Weekly

Crystal has launched a new marketing campaign, its first since Tom Wolber became CEO in September 2017.

The campaign theme “Where Luxury is Personal” will avoid platitudes about luxury and instead focus on how luxury “is defined by each traveler, making the experience wholly individual,” Crystal said.


TSA Union Says Government Shutdown Causing Agents to Quit
Travel Pulse

The union representing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees said the lack of paychecks due to the partial government shutdown is causing workers to quit.

According to the official website of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), more than 50,000 TSA officers and staff are likely to miss another paycheck due to the political games being played in Washington D.C., which is forcing many to consider the impact it will have on their lives.


Google Starts Piloting Voice Products for Airlines and Hotels

Google is eager to compete with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana in selling artificially intelligent personal assistants, and the tech colossus is eyeing cooperation with the travel industry as one of the surest paths toward making its services popular.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, the annual product event in Las Vegas, the tech giant has been unveiling a handful of travel-related features for its Google Home and related products, including instant translations and flight check-in and booking tools.


Cruise lines ditch Amsterdam after passengers targeted by new taxes

Cruise passengers are often singled out when discussing overtourism. Thousands pour off the largest ships and most stay in each port for less than a day. They can be seen as contributing little to the local economy, perhaps buying only a coffee or snack while ashore.

Now the city of Amsterdam has implemented a tourist tax that will specifically target cruise visitors. Tourist levies usually apply to overnight stays and are included in a hotel, B&B or Airbnb bill, therefore bypassing cruise visitors. But from January 1 Amsterdam has charged a tax to all in transit cruise passengers – those who arrive and leave by ship. Cruise operators pay the cost of €8 per person for visitors staying 24 hours or less, which is passed onto customers.

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