Travel News: November 16, 2018

Ephesus Turkey

Viking Announces New Greek Itinerary, Return to Turkey
Travel Pulse

Viking Cruises announced Thursday it would be launching a new 11-day ocean cruise itinerary, dubbed the Greek Odyssey, that will allow guests to explore the ancient empires of antiquity along the Aegean Sea.

Starting in January 2021, the new itinerary will sail roundtrip from Athens and feature three new ports of call for Viking, including Volos, Thessaloníki and Nafpilo in Greece, as well as a stop in Ephesus, marking the company’s return to Turkey.


This incredible underwater hotel will set you back $50000 per night

There are lots and lots of fancy hotels around the globe, but if you want to spend an evening below the sea, your options are pretty limited. The private Conrad Maldives Rangali Island just opened what it calls the world’s first underwater hotel, and it is an incredible place which can actually fulfill that desire.

The hotel is called The Muraka, which Designboom points out means “coral” in the native Dhivehi. When you book a reservation, you get the entire villa, which features floors above and below the water line. Up top you can enjoy a luxurious living area and exterior porch with attached pool, but the real fun starts when you dip below the waves of the Indian Ocean.


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport pass allows visitors beyond security checkpoints
USA Today

Remember the “old days” when you could go out to the gates at the airport to send a loved one off or be there with a big hug to greet them as soon as they exited the plane?

In the United States that rite of travel ended after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. But at some airports it is coming back.

In 2017, Pittsburgh International Airport introduced the MyPITpass program, which enables nonticketed visitors to apply for a one-day pass to proceed through the TSA checkpoints and access the secure side of the airport.

Now Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has rolled out the SEA Visitor Pass, a pilot program that gives the public access to activities past the security checkpoints. If all goes well, the program may be extended year-round.


Windstar Cruises Announces $250 Million Enhancement of Star Class Ships
Travel Pulse

Windstar Cruises has announced plans for a $250 million, multi-year initiative to renovate and lengthen its three Star Class cruise ships.

Beginning in fall 2019, the extensive undertaking will see each ship be cut to allow the installation of a new section that will lengthen each vessel by approximately 84 feet. The ships will still be small enough to navigate smaller ports and harbors.

The project will add 50 new suites featuring new suite categories and open floor plan configurations.

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