Route 66 Daily Roundup – Santa Fe & Taos

Welcome to my Route 66 Daily Roundups. Throughout the course of my cross-country adventure with Marriott International and vehicle sponsor Nissan USA, I will be sharing the highlights from each leg of the trip. To see all of the Daily Roundups please click here.

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New Mexico

Day 7: Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico

In planning my trip I knew that there were certain spots where more time should be spent so that we could better explore the area. And I also knew that I’d be tired, which is why I spent two nights in beautiful Santa Fe. I have to admit, New Mexico has really captured my heart on so many different levels. Sure, the landscapes are stunning, no doubt there. But the cities, communities and cultures are fascinating as well. From liberal enclaves where artists rule the day to incredible history that goes back to the 1600s.

I spent an afternoon just walking around the historic core of Santa Fe, mesmerized by almost everything. The tree-lined plaza was packed with people, out enjoying a perfect Saturday afternoon. More art galleries than I thought existed comprise most of the storefronts, and everyone just seemed happy. There aren’t many places around the world where I’d consider living, but this is certainly one of them.

My luxury accommodations at the historic La Posada de Santa Fe – part of the Tribute portfolio of hotels, has been the ideal location from which not only to explore the city, but to just relax. This 5-acre resort in the middle of the city is a leafy getaway, and with amazing service, delicious food and an incredible spa, La Posada has helped to define my time in the city. This afternoon though we did something a little different when we joined another  Marriott Moments tour, this one in Taos.

If you’re not familiar, Marriott Moments is Marriott’s tours and activities marketplace that houses over 110,000 experiences open to anyone. They’re great experience options and add a lot to the travel experience, especially in Taos. An easy day trip from Santa Fe, Taos is even more quirky than Santa Fe. Hippies, artists, retirees and members of the local Native American communities all live side by side, in the process creating a lovely city. The tour offered by Marriott Moments took us through the region’s history, visiting the UNESCO recognized Taos Pueblo as well as more modern highlights, like the so-called Earthship. Visiting Taos is a must for anyone passing by this part of New Mexico, and I’m thrilled with the way I decided to see it.

Tomorrow though we rejoin Route 66 and continue our trip along what is one of the greatest drives in the world. Please remember to follow along on Instagram Stories and let me know if you have any questions!

By: Matt Long

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