Travel News: January 29, 2018

Palma de Mallorca Spain

United Plans to Compete More With Low-Cost Carriers

Following comments from United Airlines officials Tuesday about competing with low-cost carriers by increasing capacity and lowering ticket prices, the company’s shares fell more than six percent in after-hours trading.

According to, United executives revealed the airline’s plan to match the prices of low-cost carriers, which could result in a lower profit margin. As it attempts to engage in a fare price war, the comments have investors concerned about United’s bottom line.


Trendy Ace Hotel Brand Launches New ‘Sister City’ Spin-Off In New York

Hipster hospitality company Ace Hotels has announced it is launching a new spin-off brand called Sister City, with the first property making its debut in New York this fall.

Described as an “experiment in essentialism”, Sister City will be an example of an emerging trend for “lean luxury”, defined by this brand as “a hotel distilled to its most beautiful working parts”.

The hotel will be opening in New York’s Bowery District in the Lower East Side. Located at number 225 Bowery, with access through a garden from Freeman Alley, Ace Hotels is renovating and expanding an existing 100-year-old tenement building that was, until a couple of years ago, used by the Salvation Army.


TripIt app adds airport security wait time alerts

How many times over the last year have you been tripped up by a long, stressy wait in a TSA line that you did not expect to encounter? Thankfully, with TSA PreCheck, it does not happen that often, but when it does, it’s not pleasant. That’s one reason why I keep my subscription to Clear, which helps get me to the front of the line when my wait time estimation is off.

And now, TripIt is offering a new tool to forewarn of long TSA security waits. TripIt Pro, the handy travel organizing app from Concur, is adding advance notice of waiting line times at TSA security checkpoints to its bag of tricks.


Smaller ships, fewer cabins: Crystal’s plans change for new ocean vessels
Travel Weekly

In what is perhaps the biggest decision by Crystal Cruises CEO Thomas Wolber since he moved to the position from Disney Cruise Line last fall, Crystal will downsize its next generation of oceangoing ships.

The size of the three newbuilds had been announced in 2015 as 100,000 gross tons, with a passenger capacity of 1,000 at double occupancy. They will now be in the 60,000- to 65,000-ton range with a maximum passenger count of 800.

In an interview in Crystal’s office here, Wolber said he thought the announced size was “slightly aggressive,” in terms of luxury service.

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