Travel News: November 9, 2017


Kansas City voters overwhelmingly approve new airport
Fox 4 News

Supporters of a new KCI are ecstatic that voters overwhelming approved the new airport Tuesday.

It was arguably the biggest topic of debate in Kansas City leading up to the election. The city said the terminals at KCI must go, but some said demolition was not the answer.

With 49,950 votes to 16,378, voters made it clear Tuesday that they want a new airport.

Supporters of the project raised more than $1-million to promote the plan during the months leading up to the election.


Bear Grylls Is Getting His Own $26 Million Theme Park

There will be no survival-food vendors at the new £20 million ($26 million) Bear Grylls theme park, set to open in the U.K. in 2018. Guests will not have to dig for water, sleep in deer carcasses, or row a bathtub-boat in the buff.

At least, not that we know of.

The Bear Grylls Adventure is inspired by the global escapades of Grylls, a former British special forces trooper who is best known for the Man vs. Wild series. His survival show ran on the Discovery Channel for seven seasons.


U.S. takes steps to make it harder for Americans to visit Cuba
Travel Weekly

Americans who visit Cuba must now avoid hotels, shops and other businesses on a lengthy list released Wednesday by the Trump administration as part of a new policy aimed at cracking down on the communist-run island’s government.

U.S. travelers will once again be required to go as part of organized tour groups run by U.S. companies, and a representative of the sponsoring group must accompany the travelers. That’s a return to the stricter rules that existed before former President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro restored diplomatic relations in 2015.


China Strangles North Korea Tours
Travel Pulse

Just hours before United States President Donald Trump’s first official visit to China, government officials in the Asian nation have told tour operators to halt all trips to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

With mounting pressure on China to stand against North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, Dandong-based tour companies were informed Tuesday that they would only be permitted to run one-day tours to Sinuiju, the North Korean city opposite Dandong, according to

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