Travel News: September 20, 2017

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White House Eyes New Travel Ban
Travel Pulse

President Donald Trump’s administration could soon introduce a new, stricter travel ban.

On Sunday, White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster told ABC that the administration is considering a new policy after last week’s terrorist attack in London.

“Well, this is something that we’re looking at, how to protect the American people better, how to ensure that we know who these people are who are moving,” McMaster said during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”


Lindblad Expeditions steps up family-oriented offerings
Travel Weekly

Lindblad Expeditions has developed a family product it is calling the National Geographic Global Explorers Program that is led by National Geographic-certified field educators.

The program has been developed in partnership with National Geographic Education, a division of the National Geographic Society that provides education and curriculum resources to parents, students and teachers. (Lindblad has a long-term relationship with National Geographic that includes shared resources and cross-branding.)


United’s farewell flight for the Boeing 747 sells out in less than 2 hours
USA Today

How beloved is Boeing’s iconic 747 jumbo jet?

United says its just-announced farewell flight on “Queen of the Skies” sold out quickly, disappearing in less than two hours. United’s 747s seat 374 passengers, though the carrier did not sell seats on the plane’s upper deck so that fliers would be able to amble through the space on what will be its last-ever passenger flight for United.

The Nov. 7 flight will fly from San Francisco to Honolulu. After the flight, United will retire the 747 from its fleet.


Pop-Up Flight Check-Ins at Hotels to Be Tested by Virgin Australia and Amadeus

Airline passengers will be able to avoid the pre-flight ritual of lugging heavy bags to the airport and around the departure terminal as the world’s first pop-up check-in system enters service.

Devised by Amadeus IT Group SA, the technology will facilitate check-in for groups of travelers at hotels, schools, conference centers and sports stadiums, the world’s biggest flight-bookings provider said in a statement Tuesday. Bags are taken onward to the airport by truck for the usual security screening.

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