Exploring the Beauty of Switzerland’s Baselland in 9 Photos

On my travel resume there exists a few odd omissions; places where I think I should’ve spent more time, but just haven’t. Switzerland is among those oddities, a country smack dab in the middle of Europe, seemingly hard to avoid, and yet I have, for the most part. A couple of months ago I had the brief chance to start correcting that travel error when I spent a couple of days in and around Basel. Part of the Upper Rhine Valley region, this multi-cultural city is just a few miles from both Germany and France, putting it firmly at the crossroads of Europe. More than just being influenced by others though, the region around Basel is pure Swiss perfection, but of a sort not always shared by travelers. No, I didn’t explore incredible mountain peaks, but I did enjoy some of the most remarkable countryside driving I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. So today I thought I’d share some of the highlights of that day spent exploring what is known simply as Baselland.

Baselland Switzerland


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By: Matt Long

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